The Mic Shatters The Quite Stillness

One of the drawbacks of moving from a semi-rural suburban town to the city. In fact, right smack down towards the heart of the city of Cochin. What am I talking about? I’ll tell ya!

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Sunday quite stillness was shattered yesterday with the initial sound of a microphone being plugged in and some banal voice saying “Hello” multiple times and then “test” a further few times.

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I was just making my second cup of coffee when I heard this and the sound check presumably done with, me and my neighbours were assulted with the off key singing of a few people sans instruments! It wasn’t pretty to hear.

There’s this building next to us which has an open stage & seating right in front. This building belongs to a leading local wedding card & decorations company. I don’t know what event it was but there were people watching it. Right smack in the middle of a residential area! This is the second time in 2009 that it has happened.

I feel like taking a machine gun and going all ballistic over them! No I probably wouldn’t do that. But this is ridiculous!

Underworld : Rise Of The Lycans

Although I have grown weary of prequels, I found this one hard to resist. Underworld : Rise Of The Lycans promised to visit the origins of the war between the Vampires and the Lycans. The focus is on Lucian (Michael Sheen) the very first werewolf who was able to retain his human form. The ruthless Vampire Elder Viktor (Bill Nighy) spared Lucian’s life for being able to experiment on creating an army of Lycans slaves to serve the vampires. But Viktor’s daughter Sonja (Rhona Mitra) falls in love with Lucian and they indulge in an illicit affair.

We see Lucian going to rescue of Sonja as she is attacked by werewolves while she goes to guide a small group of humans who are paying tax to Viktor for protection against the werewolves. Lucian breaks off his collar and changes into a lycan in order to save Sonja but Viktor is furious at him for breaking the rule of not taking off the collar. He has Lucian whipped 30 times for this disobedience.

Lucian escapes and frees several other imprisoned lycans but he has to go back for Viktor has imprisoned Sonja on finding out about the affair. While rescuing her, Viktor and his men attack the two and Sonja reveals the fact that she is carrying Lucian’s baby. Enraged Viktor captures them both and has her killed by exposing her to sunlight, as a distraught Lucian watches. Later he tries to escape and his cries alert the rest of the lycans who rush into the fortress and attack the vampires.

A huge brutal battle ensues & towards the end Lucian forces his sword through Viktor’s mouth and head and drops his body to the water. However, Viktor does not die and escapes along with a vampire called Tannis on a boat and retires into a hibernation chamber. The lycans are victorious but Lucian knows that this is just the beginning of the war between them and the vampires.

The story is already known from the first movie (albeit in a short flashback) so why did they bother making a whole movie out of it? Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of the series but they could have tried a different approach. I’d rate the movie much below the first two.