All The Best; Take Care Girls

Today two girls in my office came to see me – it was their last day at the office. I had inducted them into the company where we work and as it’s their last day today, they were completing their final formalities.

They came to see me as they were saying their goodbyes to their colleagues in the call center where we work. I hadn’t know that it was their last day until they came to speak to me and said that they had to let me know, since other than recruitment, I was the first person who they met and got introduced to and who first let them know about the kind of job they would be getting into and the expectations that we would have on them.

I was happy that they had thought of me – and then I thought of something. I quickly opened my blog and showed them. I had written about these 2 plus 2 other girls who had come to join the company together. They were all about the same size & height and since they were of tiny stature, I christened them the “Powerpuff Girls”. It was a funny induction and everyone remembers these 4 girls because of their answers.

It was a thrill for them to see that I had blogged about them and to see that a little over a year later. I bid them best wishes and hoped that they would do well in their new ventures, whatever they were.

George Canyon Interviewed By George Stroumboulopoulos

Even if you don’t like Country music, you’ve gotta love this interview. George Canyon has a down to earth self deprecating charm. He doesn’t let success get to his head and he makes good songs. Watch him in this interview on the Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos and hear him talk about the time he gave a speeding warning to the Canadian First Lady (he used to be a cop), his initial days in the music industry & Nashville Star and recording with Richard Marx. Funneee!