Unable To Attend Bloggers Meet In Cochin

I was so looking forward to it but a combination of feeling a little sick and the head and laziness made me miss the Cochin Bloggers meet @ CCD this evening.

As stated yesterday, there was a open invite from Binny to any bloggers in Cochin who wanted to join in for an hour of drinking coffee and chatting in general about blogs @ CCD in Ravipuram. I was game for it yesterday but I dunno….I guess it just wasn’t my day this Sunday. Oh well, I hope they get together sometime soon and I will surely try to attend it. I’m thinking of starting a blog about Cochin and getting these bloggers to contribute. I wanted something kind of like Metroblogs but I’m not sure if they will be adding my home city anytime soon. So maybe a WordPress or some other kind of free community blogging website that is out there. That’s an idea!

New Barenaked Ladies Album Free Download

The remaining four  dudes of the Barenaked Ladies have taken their first step towards life without Stephen Page amongst them. Thanks to Saskboy I came to learn earlier this morning, that BNL are offering their brand new live album for free download.

Saskboy sent me the link through MSN sometime during the early morning (I was asleep with the lights & the computer all switched on) and I clicked the link which lead me to SmartCanucks, which is a blog that offers links to the best deals & free stuff in Canada or by Canadians.

So I wanted the album – it’s called Live At Universal Studios and it was recorded in the Florida venue on March 7th, 2009 and until the official release any fan can download it free over here. By the sound of things, BNL have adjusted to Page’s loss and they will be just fine.