Cause It’s A Bittersweet Symphony

I’m at the stage where you know that there is nothing you can do to stop a grave injustice. And that you have to watch it happening in front of your eyes.

I’ve got some good news; my long overdue promotion looks likely to happen in April. Let me remind you that it’s promotion in grade and salary – workwise I got promoted almost 9 months ago. So I had the responsibility, workload & the stress but none of the monetary benefits. Or the perks! Or the prestige! But that looks like a given come April. But there is something that is souring what should be one of the greatest moments of my life. That will ensure that the sweet wine I drink will taste absolutely bitter.

You see while I might get promoted, one of the guys who reports to me will not be getting what he has deserved. He should have got a pay hike & a grade change quite a few months back but it was stalled. Then they said the convinient word – “recession”! Then he was the unlucky scapegoat in a botched attempt by the corporate HR bitch to cover her ass. How much should this kid suffer? And throughout it all, he has performed better than I could have expected him to.

Everything I asked off him, he gave and he did it in style. He was upset and he complained but when it came to work he never compromised. He took up every challenge and came out with flying colours. He is on the verge of setting up another benchmark as far as training is concerned and if all things fall into place, he will succeed. Yet there is no place for him here. If I didn’t need this job, I would have had a few choice words for the people in management.

And so after speaking in vain to DGMs and knowing that, despite one last effort on Monday, his future here is bleak I have done the only thing that I can do. And what someone who manages a team should probably not be doing! I have arrange through a placement agency for him to attend a couple of interviews in other companies. Hopefully he will find something good there.

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