A Gourmet Meal For Mom & Me

All this talk about militants has got me down. What if they blow up the town and everyone in it? What should be my last supper? Well thinking about that and my upcoming review with top brass, made me hungry and I knew something should be done. I also wanted to give a treat for my mom, so I told her not to bother with cooking dinner. I came home and checked the toll free directory assistance and got the number for Domino’s Pizza. I had never called them up before and only had a few wedges with colleagues from my previous firm.

So we ordered ourselves a Gourmet veggie pizza (pictured above) and it was huge and delicious. 3 slices later and I am full! I had sips of cold apple juice to chase it down. Man that was good; seems to me that pizza should be veggie and not with meat. I dunno, maybe it’s just me I guess.

Gourmet pizza is a spicy pizza topped with golden corn, loaded with extra cheese & packs quite a punch with jalapeno and black olives!

LTTE Militants On The Way To Kochi?

The news flash message on one of the local news channels hit hard and hit close to home. In fact it hit exactly at home!

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Following a tip off about movement of armed LTTE militants into Kochi via Cherthala, security has been beefed up in the coastal areas of Alappuzha.

Kochi coast has also been put on high alert. Security has been stepped up on Aroor bridge as well as on all the routes leading to and from this this region. However according to police sources there is no need for the public to panic.

All over the city you could see people tensed up and hoping that it was just a false alarm. The cops searching every vehicle that could seem to carry the militants was shown all over the news.

Knowing that this could cause delay in people reaching their homes, we have asked our lady staff in training (who are doing a 4pm till 1am shift) to leave a couple of hours earlier. So I arranged to have their drop facility moved up to 11 pm, as with the checking they might only reach home after 3 am and we don’t want that.

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