Sens Update March 22, 09

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Brian ElliotIf only we had this same form throughout this season; the Ottawa Senators are looking like a team set to beat everyone at the bottom end of the season. On March 17th Brendan Bell scored twice and Filip Kuba had three assists for the Senators, giving him 31 on the season, as Ottawa beat Buffalo 4-2. Dany Heatley scored his 33rd goal and Daniel Alfredsson had the other goal.

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Two nights later, it was the turn of the slumping Montreal Canadiens to come to Ottawa and they were treated to a pair of goals scored 52 seconds apart late in the first period by Jason Spezza. Alfredsson added a goal and an assist in the Ottawa Senators’ 5-4 victory over the Canadiens on Thursday night. Nick Foligno and Jarkko Ruutu also scored for Ottawa, which has won three in a row and seven of eight. Brian Elliott stopped 28 shots and set an Ottawa rookie record with his seventh straight victory.

On Saturday the New York Islanders came calling and lost 2-5 @ Ottawa. Chris Neil, Filip Kuba, Mike Fisher, Heatley and Nick Foligno scored goals to help the Senators win their seventh straight home game. Elliott made 20 saves and Alfredsson and Bell had three assists each for Ottawa. Immediately after that, the Sens had to travel to New York and face the Rangers.

Ryan Shannon snapped a third-period tie and Alex Auld made 28 saves in a rare start to lead the Senators to a 2-1 victory over the playoff-hopeful New York Rangers on Sunday night. The Sens rebounded from an early 1-0 deficit, behind goals by Mike Comrie and Shannon, as they started a six-game road trip with their ninth win in 10 games (9-1) and fifth straight.

The late-season surge is most likely too late to get the Senators back into the Eastern Conference playoff chase. Ottawa (32-30-10) is in 11th place, three spots and seven points behind Montreal and the playoff cutoff with 10 games to play.

Unable To Attend Bloggers Meet In Cochin

I was so looking forward to it but a combination of feeling a little sick and the head and laziness made me miss the Cochin Bloggers meet @ CCD this evening.

As stated yesterday, there was a open invite from Binny to any bloggers in Cochin who wanted to join in for an hour of drinking coffee and chatting in general about blogs @ CCD in Ravipuram. I was game for it yesterday but I dunno….I guess it just wasn’t my day this Sunday. Oh well, I hope they get together sometime soon and I will surely try to attend it. I’m thinking of starting a blog about Cochin and getting these bloggers to contribute. I wanted something kind of like Metroblogs but I’m not sure if they will be adding my home city anytime soon. So maybe a WordPress or some other kind of free community blogging website that is out there. That’s an idea!

New Barenaked Ladies Album Free Download

The remaining four  dudes of the Barenaked Ladies have taken their first step towards life without Stephen Page amongst them. Thanks to Saskboy I came to learn earlier this morning, that BNL are offering their brand new live album for free download.

Saskboy sent me the link through MSN sometime during the early morning (I was asleep with the lights & the computer all switched on) and I clicked the link which lead me to SmartCanucks, which is a blog that offers links to the best deals & free stuff in Canada or by Canadians.

So I wanted the album – it’s called Live At Universal Studios and it was recorded in the Florida venue on March 7th, 2009 and until the official release any fan can download it free over here. By the sound of things, BNL have adjusted to Page’s loss and they will be just fine.

Cochin Bloggers Meet Up @ CCD

Binny, a blogger from Cochin had this little Tweet sometime this evening:

Cochin Bloggers Meeting Tommorow(22nd Mar) at 5 PM, Cafe Coffee Day, Ravipuram.

I’m excited at the prospect of meeting fellow bloggers in my city. So I first asked Binny as to how many bloggers have signed up to join in the discussion tomorrow and if there was any agenda for the meeting. Like if it turned out to be a tech-fest then I wouldn’t be able to contribute. Turns out that just 5 people have confirmed that they will be attending and there is no agenda – just coffee and chatting.

I’m going to try to make it. This is exciting news and I so wanna be there. The 5 pm  timing is the only thing I don’t like; everything thing else is fine.

I will try to make it.

May 8th Cannot Come Fast Enough

Whoa! Another trailer of the new Star Trek movie. Yeah, Whoa!

May 8th happens to be my one & only sister’s birthday. May 8th, 2009 also happens to be the release date of the new movie us Trekkies have all been eagerly waiting for Star Trek XI or just Star Trek as some put it. Is there a connection between the two?

I’ve long suspected that my sister was a Romulan government spy!

Unable To Sleep & Watching Youtube @ 5:30 AM

What a lousy night! It was so hot and the humidity was so high that I just couldn’t sleep. Sweat pouring like a river, sheets sticking to me, mosquitoes biting cause I had to open the windows and it was hot & stuffy.

I keep a pedastal fan next to my bed to supplement the ceiling fan on nights like this but it just wasn’t doing anything for me. I’ve been awake from around 2:30 am tossing and turning and trying to sleep. At 5:30 am I got up and went to the bathroom for a little bath which soothed my skin. And I’ve been watching videos on Youtube for the past 90 minutes.

But what’s up with my net connection – it’s lightning fast! Videos are streaming faster than I can click it. Well, that’s a nice change of pace after all the trouble with disconnection I’ve been facing the past few days.

Too Tired For Air Guitar?

I’m back home after a full day at the office, working my ass off. Today has been filled with reports, mails, sorting out stuff & arranging for things. I’m back in the ground floor of the building after making a good statement for moving back down – as I manage the training team and as we have 4 batches undergoing training at the moment and with another 4 on the way in the next few weeks, I need to have access to them. I can’t be sitting 2 floors up while my trainers and the trainees sit in the training rooms on the ground floor.

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So once again, I have made my move downn and I brought the MIS guy of the training team with me. I spent time doing audits & interacting with 2 training batches and discussing the certification process with a third one. A few reports & mails later, I was dead tired. I’m doing a 11-8 shift at the moment, one made out of choice and I reach home at around 9 pm.

I was so tired today, it’s extremely humid & hot and I’m sweating buckets. I came home and washed my feet, hands & face and with a bottle of water in my hand, I switched on the computer. I’m listening to songs but I am too tired to sing along and play air guitar.

Really! I’m that tired!

RIP Natasha Richardson

Tony Award winning British theatre & film actress Natasha Richardson died due to an epidural hematoma, sustained after she took a fall at a ski resort in Canada. Richardson, the daughter of director Tony Richardson & actress Vanessa Redgrave, initially seemed ok after she fell but later complained of headaches and was taken to a New York cit hospital. She is survived by her husband, the actor Liam Neeson and their two sons. Her notable films included Nell download sweeney todd dvd (1994), The Parent Trap (1998 ), Waking Up In Reno & Maid in Manhattan

Natasha Richardson (11 May 1963 – 18 March 2009)

My Storage Space

When I got my first computer back in December of 1996, I had a 640 MB hard disk. Yes that’s 640 MB and not GB!

How pre-historic – that’s how much free space I now have in my current PC’s C drive! Well 662 MB actually. I have an 80 GB internal hard disk and I have 28 GB free space of that. Now 80 GB may be laughable for a lot of you in West but it’s an ok deal for me.

The major space takers are about 14 GB worth of movies & clips and about 5 GB of music videos & live performances videos of my favourite rock bands & solo artists.

I also have a 120 GB external hard drive on which I have my MP3s – currently 24.3 download kelly s heroes movie but I will be adding another 4.22 GB more over the weekend which will make it 28.25 GB!

I also have 26.6 GB worth of videos (21 Star Trek Voyager episodes, 13 Farscape episodes, 5 Star Trek DS9 and a couple of movies, all downloaded from the net) in the external.  Which means that I have about half of that remaining free.

In a couple of months or so I will be looking to upgrade and get a new & bigger (looking for 250 GB & above) external hard drive. The 500 GB mega muthafucker is the dream! Got any suggestions?

Dinner & American Idol 8

I left the office at around 7:30 pm and as I got out of the bus at my stop, I remember that since there was nothing at home to eat, I needed to buy something for my dinner. Being alone was fine; it mean a quite dinner in front of the tv and perhaps a movie or two.

So I bought some chicken 65 and some fried rice and walked back home. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have bought something cold to drink, it still being hot and humid. Right now, all I have to drink is room temprature water, so I’ve just put a bottle in the freezer.

So I switched on the tv and watched American Idol while I ate. I haven’t been following the show in recent years and I guess I was never a big fan of it. But since I love music, I tried to see how good the participants were this year and who was the best.

I gotta say that I really like Danny Gokey – I thought he was down to earth and he has a good set of pipes. He really soared at the end. Sad to hear about the tragic death of his wife. And ofcourse I gotta give my support to the Indian boy – 22 year old Indo-American Anoop Desai! I heard that he had some tough love given to him earlier, especially by Simon Cowell but tonight he was on and everyone thought he did great. Nice set of vocals on him as well.

RIP Andrew “Test” Martin

The wrestling world has lost another of it’s brethren. On March 13, 2009, Andrew Martin was found dead in his Tampa Bay apartment. The cause of death has not been determined; however, police believe that foul play was not a factor. Police were called in after a neighbor reported Martin appearing motionless for several hours through a window outside of his apartment.

Under the ring name Test, Martin wrestled for World Wrestling Federation (later World Wrestling Entertainment) from 1998–2004, and 2006–2007. Most recently, he worked for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling under the ring name “‘The Punisher’ Andrew Martin”. Martin enjoyed success as a singles competitor, becoming an Intercontinental Champion, European Champion and Hardcore Champion. Martin was also successful in the Tag team division, becoming a WWF and WCW World Tag Team Champion with Booker T.

March 17, 1975 – March 13, 2009

552 : Congratulations Martin Brodeur

He has done it! On March 17, 2009, Martin Brodeur recorded his 552nd victory, passing Patrick Roy to become the NHL’s all-time leader in wins by a goaltender. Perhaps among the most consistent goalies ever, Brodeur waved at the end of the game before a raucous crowd that chanted “Marty, Marty” and “Marty’s better” throughout the game.

Signed to play for three more seasons at least, Tuesday’s record-breaking performance would appear to be the first of the dominoes to fall as Brodeur stakes his claim to the major goal tending records. But he will worry about records at another time. He wants to win another Stanley Cup (he has 3 with the New Jersey Devils) and rack up these wins in order to make it really hard for anyone else to break his record.

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Brodeur’s remarkable achievement came in a season in which he missed 50 games following surgery to repair a torn biceps tendon. He returned to the lineup on Feb. 26 and is now 8-1-0 over that span as New Jersey continues to lead the Atlantic Division and chase the Boston Bruins for the top spot in the Eastern Conference.

A sure bet for Hall of Fame, Martin Brodeur will go down in history as the new winningest goalie of all time. Congratulations Marty!

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All The Best; Take Care Girls

Today two girls in my office came to see me – it was their last day at the office. I had inducted them into the company where we work and as it’s their last day today, they were completing their final formalities.

They came to see me as they were saying their goodbyes to their colleagues in the call center where we work. I hadn’t know that it was their last day until they came to speak to me and said that they had to let me know, since other than recruitment, I was the first person who they met and got introduced to and who first let them know about the kind of job they would be getting into and the expectations that we would have on them.

I was happy that they had thought of me – and then I thought of something. I quickly opened my blog and showed them. I had written about these 2 plus 2 other girls who had come to join the company together. They were all about the same size & height and since they were of tiny stature, I christened them the “Powerpuff Girls”. It was a funny induction and everyone remembers these 4 girls because of their answers.

It was a thrill for them to see that I had blogged about them and to see that a little over a year later. I bid them best wishes and hoped that they would do well in their new ventures, whatever they were.

George Canyon Interviewed By George Stroumboulopoulos

Even if you don’t like Country music, you’ve gotta love this interview. George Canyon has a down to earth self deprecating charm. He doesn’t let success get to his head and he makes good songs. Watch him in this interview on the Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos and hear him talk about the time he gave a speeding warning to the Canadian First Lady (he used to be a cop), his initial days in the music industry & Nashville Star and recording with Richard Marx. Funneee!

The Mic Shatters The Quite Stillness

One of the drawbacks of moving from a semi-rural suburban town to the city. In fact, right smack down towards the heart of the city of Cochin. What am I talking about? I’ll tell ya!

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Sunday quite stillness was shattered yesterday with the initial sound of a microphone being plugged in and some banal voice saying “Hello” multiple times and then “test” a further few times.

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I was just making my second cup of coffee when I heard this and the sound check presumably done with, me and my neighbours were assulted with the off key singing of a few people sans instruments! It wasn’t pretty to hear.

There’s this building next to us which has an open stage & seating right in front. This building belongs to a leading local wedding card & decorations company. I don’t know what event it was but there were people watching it. Right smack in the middle of a residential area! This is the second time in 2009 that it has happened.

I feel like taking a machine gun and going all ballistic over them! No I probably wouldn’t do that. But this is ridiculous!