Underworld : Rise Of The Lycans

Although I have grown weary of prequels, I found this one hard to resist. Underworld : Rise Of The Lycans promised to visit the origins of the war between the Vampires and the Lycans. The focus is on Lucian (Michael Sheen) the very first werewolf who was able to retain his human form. The ruthless Vampire Elder Viktor (Bill Nighy) spared Lucian’s life for being able to experiment on creating an army of Lycans slaves to serve the vampires. But Viktor’s daughter Sonja (Rhona Mitra) falls in love with Lucian and they indulge in an illicit affair.

We see Lucian going to rescue of Sonja as she is attacked by werewolves while she goes to guide a small group of humans who are paying tax to Viktor for protection against the werewolves. Lucian breaks off his collar and changes into a lycan in order to save Sonja but Viktor is furious at him for breaking the rule of not taking off the collar. He has Lucian whipped 30 times for this disobedience.

Lucian escapes and frees several other imprisoned lycans but he has to go back for Viktor has imprisoned Sonja on finding out about the affair. While rescuing her, Viktor and his men attack the two and Sonja reveals the fact that she is carrying Lucian’s baby. Enraged Viktor captures them both and has her killed by exposing her to sunlight, as a distraught Lucian watches. Later he tries to escape and his cries alert the rest of the lycans who rush into the fortress and attack the vampires.

A huge brutal battle ensues & towards the end Lucian forces his sword through Viktor’s mouth and head and drops his body to the water. However, Viktor does not die and escapes along with a vampire called Tannis on a boat and retires into a hibernation chamber. The lycans are victorious but Lucian knows that this is just the beginning of the war between them and the vampires.

The story is already known from the first movie (albeit in a short flashback) so why did they bother making a whole movie out of it? Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of the series but they could have tried a different approach. I’d rate the movie much below the first two.

Drinking Beer With Anil & Madhu

I was planning on going to Velocity Bar near the High Court junction last night. I thought I’d have a couple of drinks and a bit of a snack before heading for home. But that plan had changed when Anil called me up in the evening and said that both he & Madhu would be free today and let’s meet up for some chatting and drinking. I was game.

We met at the Barista Cafe in Bay Pride Mall at around noon. They both had been there for a while and when I had arrived, they were settled in one of the couches in a relaxed state. I quickly ordered a frappe and joined them as we talked about stuff. Anil showed off his gorgeous 8GB ipod. I handed over a dvd of mp3s that I had promised to give him.

Soon we took off to Velocity Bar after initially thinking about going to Sea Shells instead. We sat near the large screen tv and ordered beer, peanuts, chilly fish, fried prawns, chilly gobi & a green salad. I had Foster’s (for the first time) and they had Kingfisher Premium.

They were playing a dvd of Michael Jackson videos on the large screen (since they don’t have cable) and we watched it as we discussed about life, marriage and other usual fare. After a beer, I did a moonwalk of my own (total rubbish, I can’t dance to save my fat ass) much to Anil’s & Madhu’s pleasure. The beer got to my head and I’m still having a pounding in my brain because of it.

For lunch we had chappathis, a little rice, chicken masala & fish masala. The food was good but 200 bucks for a fucking half plate of chilly fish? What is the fish, shark? We were there for a little over 4 hours and I was back home by 4 pm and sleeping off the beers.

Sens Update March 15th, 09

Chris CampoliLet’s take a look at how the Senators have been doing since my last update. First game was on the 9th of March against our hated rivals Toronto, who have had the better of us this season. But not on this night – Daniel Alfredsson and Dany Heatley scored second-period goals, leading the Ottawa Senators to a 2-1 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Monday night. Brian Elliott made 25 saves in his third straight start for Ottawa, which won all of those games.

Veteran Maple Leafs goalis Curtis Joseph, who stopped 24 shots, became the sixth goalie in league history to allow 2,500 goals on Alfredsson’s score, an unassisted effort in the second period that tied it at 1.

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Two nights later the Sens beat the visiting Tampa Bay Lightning came in overtime thanks to Mike Fisher who scored off a rebound at 2:38 of overtime to give Ottawa its fourth straight win. Brian Elliott made 22 saves for his fourth victory in a row and Ryan Shannon and Chris Kelly scored in regulation. The Senators were 5-2-1 on the homestand.

download roger me online The very next night, they travelled to Boston and lost 3-5 to the Bruins. Jason Spezza scored twice while Heatley and Alfredsson each assisted on both goals for the Senators. Christoph Schubert had the other goal for the Sens. And just last night the Senators visited Pittsburgh and won 4-3 after a shootout over the Penguins, with Mike Comrie scoring the shootout winner.. Chris Campoli, Nick Foligno and Chris Phillips scored in regulation for Ottawa, which trailed 3-1 with eight minutes left but improved to 11-6-3 under interim coach Cory Clouston.

Arsenal 4 Blackburn 0

Desperate for goals and a win in the Premier league. No club has gone 4 consecutive games without scoring a goal – will Arsenal be the first? Sorry people, we cannot help you there. Arsenal outclassed a gritty Blackburn and rode out a 4-0 victory at the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal had failed to score in their last three Premier League games at The Emirates, but it took them only 75 seconds against Rovers to end that barren run.

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Newly recruited Russian Andriy Arshavin shined through scoring 2 goals, although the first one looked like he  had pressured Andre Ooijer into putting through his own net. But what was surprising – nay astonishing – was that Emmanuel Eboue was cheered when he came on as substitute and then scored two goals, including a penalty, himself. And no, they weren’t own goals!

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Even if it was a good performance by the Gunners, what I will most remember about this match is the hammed up acting by Blackburn’s Morten Gamst Pedersen. With the ball moving away from the goal but still in the penalty box, Pedersen took a dive and claimed a foul. Only thing is the refree did not fall for it and the replays showed how silly the thing was as the nearest player, Sagna, was no where near Pedersen’s legs. The bugger was lucky that the ref didn’t give him a card.

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What Place Would You Write A Song About?

This is from one the blog prompts that is featured in Plinky.com (quite a nice little community site that gives you prompts for blog posts when you suffer a little case of writer’s block). I have got a few ideas of them and some I have kept on the backburner.

Today while looking up Plinky, I saw this prompt and it made me think about places that I have been to. Which ones would I want to write a song about?

There’s this little broken down ruins of what used to be a temple or some kind of place of worship quite near the Cochin University campus. I used to live in Thrikkakara and my house was a 2 minute walk away from the campus. This ruins of the temple is at the North end of the campus and there aren’t much buildings near it, just rows & rows of evenly spaced trees. The roof was completely destroyed and it’s just part of the walls that remain. It’s quite eerie to look at and even more to be next to it.

I’ve been there twice – once with some of my cousins and the second time with a couple of my friends. Each time we would go near what would have been the entrance of the temple, we would feel a chill going up our spines.  The first time we went there, it was just to rest from our walk from my house to the town area to buy some stuff for home. My cousins and I came near a broken peice of the idol/deity that was supposed to be there and we felt the wind pick up in intensity.

There seemed to be a small whirlwind kinda thing, when a gust of wind swirls round & round, picking up leaves and other light things in it’s wake. This scared us a bit (we were in our mid teens at the time) and we backed away and left the area. The second time I didn’t see any whirlwind or anything like it. My friends and I looked inside and tried to find the remains of the idol but it was no longer there. I still don’t know if it was a temple for the worship of a god or was it a place dedicated to black magic or sorcerry.

Who knows? It was eerie and I would like to see it again and find out what was the history behind the ruins. And I would want to write a song about it – I’d call it ‘Stormwind’ and it’ll be a mid-tempo rock classic in the vein of Hotel California.

Look Out For That Flying Brick

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One of my earliest memories is of when I was around 3-4. I don’t remember exactly how it happened (did I fall down the stairs?) but I had a gash on the top of my head and blood was gushing from it. I don’t remember much of the injury (duh!) but I remember being at the hospital, my dad carrying me and consoling me while I cried.

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I’m touching that spot on my head now. That wound meant that I had a very small spot with no hair growing on it as I had several stiches done on it. Years later, 13 years old I guess and back in India, I was getting together with some of my friends to play some game on the school ground during a free period. We needed bricks for marking off something. So a couple of us went looking for loose bricks that were lying around nearby as the school had some construction going on.

One of my friends, Rafeeq, was fooling around with stuff and without thinking, he tossed two bricks into the air in the general direction of where the rest of us were standing. The others ducked but I hadn’t seen the flying brick headed towards….my head! Too late, I saw the brick coming towards me but I couldn’t move away in time. The edge of the brick hit me hard on the exact same spot and I had another wound there as blood gushed a bit.

I was taken to the hospital a little later with my cousin and they had stiches done on my head. By evening I was drinking a juice and watching tv in my uncle’s house, waiting for my sister & dad to come and pick me up.

I Will Tell The Truth & I Need No Book

I wonder how the oath taking happens in legal courts. I mean, cause I’ve never actually been to court and seen it first hand. Whatever I have seen is in movies or tv. Weather in Western movies or Indian, it always seems the same – before you testify in a trial, a clerk of the court brings you the bible and asks “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” or something along the same lines.

So the person wouldn’t have planned on telling the truth but just because he does swear on the bible or some holy book, he or she will do so! “Oh dear, now I can’t lie. I’ve sworn on the bible! Dammit!” Or the koran or the torah or the gita! And that’s more than enough until the person testifying is proven to be lying while on oath.

What happens when an Atheist is called to testify? Like me! “I swear to tell the truth… On what book will we swear? The Da Vinci Code? The Encyclopedia Britiannica? Science or Math text books? Playboy? We wouldn’t need any. But I would love to see a clerk bringing the bible or some holy book to a testifying atheist and the guy or gal say loudly “No thanks, I’m an Atheist!” (Gasps from the crowd)

Now that they have an African-American President for the very first time, maybe in a few years they will have an Atheist President in the While House! “…so help me ….Einstein? Newton? Da Vinci?” LOL!

My Penticton, BC Buddy Darren

Some of you may have read my post about my buddy Darren. If not read this before you go further.

After we exchanged mails a couple of times, I haven’t heard from him in a while. But I’m sure that he is doing alright. I only wish that he would update & maintain the blog section of his website much, much often. Other than this entry about me, he hadn’t blogged in a year. You need to move to WordPress really badly Darren.

I hadn’t checked his site since late January but today when I just happened to check it, I was surprised to read an entry about me. It’s a nice one and I was touched!

As for the answer to the question “Roshan, when are you going to come to Canada for a visit? I’ll pick you up at the airport. We can go on a road trip and visit Vancouver and the Okanagan, maybe watch some Hockey Night in Canada…” oh man do I wish that I could come over for a visit! Drink some Labatts or Molson (any Canadian beer), eat poutine and watch hockey at a stadium!

Some day, some how!

Disconnected From Blogging

I’ve not been getting internet connection properly for about 2 days (you will notice the slowness in blog posting and the lesser numbers as I was blogging from the office). Monday night it rained a lot and by 10:30 pm or so my net got disconnected. Content to watch some tv for an hour or so until bed time, I didn’t bother to call up their customer care service and register a complaint.

buster movie download the scarlet claw movie Tuesday morning when I checked my PC the connection wasn’t back on yet. A little annoyed I waited for an hour and then called up their Call Center and registered a complaint with them. The girl who answered the call asked for the preferred timings as to when I would be home to check the status and I said that I would be home between 9 pm till 9:30 am. The TAT was 24 hours, so I thannked her and kept the call.

download the pearl of death The connection wasn’t fixed this morning as well but by 4:30 pm I got a call from them asking if I could check the status. Now this company is notorious for not taking down all the details (I’ve had problems with them before download underdog online ). I held my temper in check and told the girl who called me that I had mentioned to her colleague that I would be at home only around 9 pm, so could she call me back then? She mumbled something about their call back department doing a 9-6 shift or something, so I said fine! Call me in the morning!

Well, I was expecting that the problem would be solved by the time I reached home. It wasn’t! So I called once again but this time while I was on the phone, the guy was able to fix my issue and voila! I am back online. I wonder what he did!

Some Important Laws Which Newton Forgot to State

LAW OF QUEUE: If you change queues, the one you have left will start to move faster than the one you are in now.

LAW OF TELEPHONE: When you dial a wrong number, you never get an engaged one.

LAW OF MECHANICAL REPAIR: After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch.

LAW OF THE WORKSHOP: Any tool, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner.

LAW OF THE ALIBI: If you tell the boss you were late for work because you had a flat tire, the next morning you will have a flat tire.

BATH THEOREM: When the body is immersed in water, the telephone rings.

LAW OF ENCOUNTERS: The probability of meeting someone you know increases when you are with someone you don’t want to be seen with.

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LAW OF THE RESULT: When you try to prove to someone that a machine won’t work, it will!

LAW OF BIOMECHANICS: The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach.

THEATRE RULE: People with the seats at the furthest from the aisle arrive last.

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LAW OF COFFEE: As soon as you sit down for a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold.

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Gary Roberts Retires From Hockey

Age finally caught up with Gary Roberts. The 42 year old Tampa Bay Lightning left wing announced his retirement today after a 21-year career that included 1,224 games, 910 points and a Stanley Cup title.

Roberts, 42, was acquired by the Lightning from Pittsburgh this past summer and skated in 30 games this season, recording four goals, seven points and 27 penalty minutes. His final game took place March 1 at Calgary, where Roberts began his career in 1986 and where he helped the Flames win the 1989 Stanley Cup. His storied career took him from Calgary (1986-96) to Carolina (1997-2000) to Toronto (2000-2004) to Florida (2005-2007) to Pittsburgh (2007-2008 ) before concluding this season in Tampa Bay.

A serious neck injury forced Roberts to miss most of the 1994–95 season as well as the first half of the 1995–96 season. He returned to the Flames late that year, and after scoring 42 points in 35 games, won the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy for perseverance and dedication to hockey. His neck did not get better, and he was forced to miss the entire 1996–97 season.

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Here’s a clip of his eating well life style

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Rain On A March Monday Night

watch control online Holy crap! It just rained over here. Thank you, thank you miserable & totally messed up weather due to global warming!

March isn’t really the time for rains but it sure is welcome to me and I’m sure a whole lot of people in the Cochin city area. This hot & humid day just had a good wash at the end. Just like me – I was home all day and I was sweating & stinking all day until finally at around 7:30 pm I went in for a shower. And now at 9:30 pm it has rained.

of mice and men dvd My windows are open welcoming the much cooler night air into my room. I went to the balcony to admire the area to my right getting a bath as the dusty roads and buildings revel in the shiny rain.

Thank you clouds, thank you!

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Enjoyable & Peaceful Sunday

Enjoying a 2 day weekend for today is supposed to be Islamic New Year. Or so we all thought – I just came to know this morning that the day was changed to tomorrow. I don’t know the reason why and I don’t care since it was marked as a holiday in my company.

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Yesterday, I decided to go out and enjoy a quite read in Barista cafe while I sipped on a Caramel Mocha coffee & ate a chocolate muffin. Only thing is, there was a cricket match on and a bunch of noisy assholes were laughing and commenting on the game. They left immediately on the match ending. Back to some peace and quite and my book. The cold coffee was lovely. I had also tried to get some dvds from Cinema Paradiso but the selection is getting weaker. I wanted some tv series like anything Star Trek but no luck so far.

The day was hot & humid and I sweated while walking in the hot sun. A little later, I made my way over to Oberois to have some lunch and some vodka. They don’t switch on the air conditioner there but instead rely on these giant pedestal fans, whose blades look like airplane propellors! It was so humid that the ice kept melting at the speed of light. I had 3 Smirnoff vodkas & sprite with a chilly chicken & noodles plate. Gotta admit, their mixed noodles dish is the best I have ever had and they have a lot of it as well.

There was a guy in his 50s or early 60s, who was sitting 2 tables away to my left (the one in between was empty). He had had a couple of beers and was sitting right next to one of the giant fans and after a while, when I looked, he had fallen asleep with his right hand still wrapped around his beer mug! It was a funny sight to behold. He slept on for about 40 minutes at least until when he stirred and dragged himself out and paid his bill and went on home.

But yeah, the heat & humidity got to me too. By 4 pm I was back home and trying to watch a movie while lying on my bed but my eyes closed and I soon was snoring away to glory on a 2 hour nap. Ah peaceful day!

Sens Update 8th March

Chris CampoliLet’s see where the Senators stand at the 63 game mark – wins (25), loses (29), overtime (10), goals for (157), goals against (179) for a total of 60 points. The problem lies in the goals against section – it’s a clear indication of why we aren’t in the thick of the playoff action for the first time since 1996. More goals would have got us more wins.

Last night the Sens beat the Buffalo Sabres 6-3 in a game in which Daniel Alfredsson – Ottawa’s career leader in goals, assists, points and games – got his 350th goal when he opened the scoring on a power play 4:44 into the game. Nick Foligno had 2 goals, Chris Campoli & Chris Kelly had a goal each, while Alfredsson scored one more.

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Brendan BellTwo nights before, Edmonton came visiting and lost 2-4. Center Jason Spezza scored the fastest Senators goals ever, scoring on the 12th sec from the start of the game. Dany Heatley, Mike Comrie & and Campoli also scored for Ottawa, which ended a three-game losing streak. Brian Elliott had 24 saves.

download confessions of a driving instructor online watch mary poppins online Ottawa had lost to Edmonton’s provincial rivals, two nights previously, 3-6 in which Heatley, Campoli & Filip Kuba scored.

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February had ended on a sour note as we lost in overtime to the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-4. Ryan Shannon, Jarkko Ruutu and Alfredsson scored for the Senators. And just two days before that we welcomed the San Jose Sharks, who beat us 2-1. Mike Fisher had the lone Ottawa Goal, while Alex Auld made 22 saves.

Omen IV : The Awakening

I was bored and watched this movie on cable today. The Omen had 2 sequels and this, a direct to tv sequel. The story revolves around the daughter of Damian Thorn, the anti-christ, who is adopted by a couple through a church. This grand daughter of Satan plays havoc with the mother Karen York, played by Faye Grant, scaring her from the very begining by scratching her.

The baby, named Delia, creates trouble with a bully at her school and causes the death of her nanny, Jo. Karen is suspicious at times and tries to find out the Delia’s real parents. Karen also becomes pregnant – but it’s actually Delia’s twin, whose embryo was implanted into Karen; she has just given birth to Delia’s biological brother, the son of Damien!

And the real anti-christ is actually the son not Delia. Enraged at the doctor who removed the embryo from Delia and implanted it into her, Karen stabs him and then goes to kill Delia & her twin. However the forces of evil are too strong for Karen to overcome and she turns the gun on herself. The anti-christ and his sister live on.