RIP Mrs Hockey Colleen Howe

in cold blood download Colleen Howe, wife of hockey legend Gordie Howe, and the woman they respectfully called “Mrs. Hockey” has died at the age pf 76. She had been suffering from Pick’s disease, which causes dementia and is similar to Alzheimer’s disease, since 2002. The first woman sports agent ever, she was enshrined in the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame in 2000 and the arena in her hometown of Sandusky, Mich., was renamed Colleen J. Howe Arena.

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Talk To Me Isabelle

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I may not know French but I know a fantastic song, with fantastic vocals & great music sung by a fantastic looking woman. Isabelle Boulay performing her hit single Parle Moi!

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Don’t Say “Fag” When You’re Around Me

A lot of Indians smoke. In my industry it’s almost a given – out of every 10 guys atleast 5 smoke! And I don’t care as long as they don’t blow the smoke in my face or even in my direction. I smoked for a bit from the ages of 19-22 but I can’t stand the damn things ever since.

Many Indians use the word ‘Fag’ for cigarattes! Yes, I am not kidding. Fag! For the past few years, I hear guys saying “I’m dying for a fag. I would love to have a fag right now”. Or worse “Would you like to join me for a fag?” Get away from me!

All around my office, I hear some idiot saying “I’m going for a fag”. My response is usually “dude, don’t have sex in the office premises”!

You Can Never Come Back

The Star Trek Voyager

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episode Ashes To Ashes deals with the return of a dead crew member, Lyndsay Ballard. Ballard died while on an away mission with her friend Harry Kim, in a trap set by the Hirogen. Her corpse was buried in space. However, an alien race known as the Kobali found & revived her. The custom of the Kobali is to procreate by taking corpses of other races, revining them and altering their dna to match that of their own. For 3 years Lyndsay, known now as Jhet’leya, lived with a family that calls her as their daughter.

She wited for the oppurtunity to steal a shuttle and search for Voyager. Finally she meets up with them and once her identify is affirmed, she is welcomed back to her old life by the crew. Ballard tries to catch up and do the things she wanted to do but she notices that her taste buds are too altered for her to like her favourite foods. She also absentmindedly speaks in Kobali when working in Engineering.

download the producers movie watch whisper online sideways online The Doctor treats her in order for her to atleast look human in appearances, as her dna is too far changed for him to make any alterations, but even that is short lived. The Kobali pursue Voyager and demand that they return Jhet’leya back to them. Her Kobali father urges her to come back to him and his family. In the face of confrontation, Ballard understands that her old human life is now gone and that she is Kobali now. She states to Kim that she no longer fits in and is no longer part of Voyager.

So Lyndsay leaves with the Kobalis. And it makes you wonder, do you ever reach a stage where you are no longer part of what you are? DNA altering is the catalyst here in this episode but in real life, do you change so much that you are no longer you, no longer part of your family? It’s a question that I thought about a lot the first time I saw this episode.

NHL 2009 TRade Deadline Deals


NEW YORK — NHL clubs made 22 trades, involving 47 players, between 9 a.m., ET, today and the 3 p.m., ET, trading deadline. It marked the sixth consecutive season in which more than 20 trades were completed and a record number of players involved. Following is a list of the transactions:

Anaheim traded LW Travis Moen and D Kent Huskins to San Jose for G Timo Pielmeier, C Nick Bonino and conditional picks.

Anaheim traded C Samuel Pahlsson, D Logan Stephenson and a conditional pick in the 2009 Entry Draft to Chicago for D James Wisniewski and C Petri Kontiola.

Anaheim traded C Eric O’Dell to Atlanta for C Erik Christensen my little eye download .

Boston traded C Petteri Nokelainen to Anaheim for D Steve Montador.

Boston traded D Matt Lashoff and RW Martins Karsums to Tampa Bay for RW Mark Recchi and Tampa Bay’s 2nd-round pick in the 2010 Entry Draft.

Buffalo traded RW Ales Kotalik to Edmonton for Carolina’s 2nd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft (previously acquired).

Calgary traded C Matthew Lombardi, LW Brandon Prust and its 1st-round pick in the 2009 or 2010 Entry Draft to Phoenix for C Olli Jokinen and Phoenix’s 3rd-round pick in 2009.

Calgary traded D Ryan Wilson, D Lawrence Nycholat and Montreal’s 2nd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft (previously acquired) to Colorado for D Jordan Leopold.

Calgary traded G Kevin Lalande to Columbus for Columbus’ 4th-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft.

Carolina traded RW Justin Williams to Los Angeles for C Patrick O’Sullivan and Calgary’s 2nd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft (previously acquired).

Carolina traded C Patrick O’Sullivan and its 2nd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft to Edmonton for LW Erik Cole and Edmonton’s 5th-round pick in 2009.

Columbus traded G Pascal Leclaire and its 2nd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft to Ottawa for LW Antoine Vermette.

Florida traded D Noah Welch download terror by night movie and its 3rd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft to Tampa Bay for D Steve Eminger.

NY Islanders traded RW Bill Guerin to Pittsburgh for a conditional pick in the 2009 Entry Draft.

NY Rangers traded D Dmitri Kalinin, LW Nigel Dawes and RW Petr Prucha to Phoenix for D Derek Morris.

Philadelphia traded LW Scottie Upshall and its 2nd-round pick in the 2011 Entry Draft to Phoenix for LW Daniel Carcillo.

Phoenix traded G Mikael Tellqvist to Buffalo for Buffalo’s 4th-round pick in the 2010 Entry Draft.

high plains drifter online download Pittsburgh traded D Danny Richmond to St. Louis for D Andy Wozniewski.

San Jose traded D Kyle McLaren to Philadelphia for Philadelphia’s 6th-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft.

Tampa Bay traded G Olaf Kolzig, D Jamie Heward, D Andy Rogers and Carolina’s 4th-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft (previously acquired) to Toronto for D Richard Petiot.

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Toronto traded C Nik Antropov to NY Rangers for the Rangers’ 2nd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft and a conditional pick in 2010.

Toronto traded C Dominic Moore to Buffalo for Carolina’s 2nd-round pick in the 2009 Entry Draft (previously acquired).

There also were four waiver claims:

Toronto claimed G Martin Gerber from Ottawa.

Dallas claimed C Brendan Morrison from Anaheim.

Toronto claimed D Erik Reitz from NY Rangers.

Pittsburgh claimed RW Craig Adams from Chicago.

Goodbye Vermette, Hello Leclaire

As predicted but not as worse as expected, Antoine Vermette was the sole Senators to be traded by GM Bryan Murray. The Sens dealt Vermette to the Columbus Blue Jackets this morning for goalie Pascal Leclaire and a second-round draft pick. The deal for Leclaire is seen as a move to try and find a No. 1 goaltender for a team that has had its share of struggles in net over the years.

Vermette, 26, has underperformed this season, with just nine goals and 28 points in 62 games. His strength is as a faceoff specialist, but the Senators felt they needed more out of the speedy centre for the $2.5 million he is being paid. Vermette is fifth in the NHL winning more than 58% of his draws.

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awake online download Leclaire, 26, a native of Repentigny, Que., is in his fifth NHL season but has been out recently with an ankle injury. The knock on Leclaire has been injuries – he’s also had back and groin ailments – but he has tremendous potential according to many NHL observers.

I’m going to miss Vermette. But I do hope that Leclaire will fulfill his potential and be a top goalie in the NHL. We’re not going to the playoffs anyway, so he can use the remaining games to settle in.

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The Neglected Sci-Fi Novel-Blog

I have this futuristic sci-fi vision, which I think could knock off everything else, even Star Wars & Star Trek. But I just can’t get the images in my mind onto paper or text. I want to put into words in the form of a blog or something but I keep putting it off. Too bad I can’t tape the visions in my brain and show them in avi format.

Some of you may remember that back in June of last year, I had set out to finally write out my blog novel at but I only got the one post out, setting the scene as to why & how the humans would leave Earth and settle on 3 planets. There’s a lot more stuff to come – that’s just the top most molecule on the tip of the iceberg! I just can’t seem to commit myself to sitting down and writing it.

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So I’m going to try again. By the following Tuesday, I would have typed out atleast a chapter or two. I have this Sunday and Monday off, so I should have enough time to get on it. I’ve had these ideas since I was 26 and I should be able to get some form of it into words. So wish me luck guys!

Sens Could Have Changes Today

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As the trade deadline approaches, Ottawa has to deal with a few of it’s players probably not remaining as a Senator once the fog clears. Chris Neil isn’t any closer to staying with the Senators. Neil’s Toronto-based agent Todd Reynolds met with Ottawa GM Bryan Murray yesterday at Scotiabank Place but neither side has budged from its position. Neil is still seeking $2.5 million per-season and the Senators last offer was $1.6 million. If no deal is made, he will likely be moved before the 3 p.m. today.

Winger Antoine Vermette is also facing a cloudy future. The word is the Chicago Blackhawks are making a hard pitch along with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Filip Kuba may also be looked at as a potential trade.

Pakistani Militans Attack Sri Lankan Cricket Team

I’m sure most of you in the Indian sub-continent would have either heard / read / watched or listened to the shootings in Pakistan. The target was the Sri Lankan Cricket team who were in Lahore to play the 3rd day of the 2nd test against Pakistan and were on their way to the stadium when 12 gunmen fired upon their bus. Six members of the Sri Lankan cricket team were injured and five Pakistani policemen were killed. According to the police, grenades and rocket launchers were found at the site of the attack.

marple the body in the library online download the road to wellville once upon a time in china ii online download Safety of international sportsmen in Pakistan have been much debated. Australia refused to play there and India had backed off after the Mumbai attacks. The Sri Lankans were the replacement side to play in Pakistan and now 6 members of their team have sustained injuried in the attack. Unnamed Pakistani authorities blamed the Lashkar-e-Taiba, a militant organization banned both in Pakistan and in India, for the attack immediately afterwards.

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Lunch @ The Travancore Court

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A colleague of mine and I had to go to our client’s office in the city for a two day training on a new software that they are launching to automate a lot of things in the process. So we made our way today and reachedt their office at around 10:30 am today for the first day of the training. You would think that this post is about the training or something that happened at the office. It’s not!

It’s actually about food! Our clients decided to take the two of us out to lunch during the break at 1:25 pm. So we took autos and made our way to Hotel Travancore Court, which is owned by a local movie mega star – and mega asshole by the way! But I digress. We were greeted and taken to our table and they served us fruit punch as soon as we had settled down. They had a huge buffet set out on their tables, waiting for us but they served us soup at our tables. The clients had a Chinese veggie soup, while we both had mutton soup (which was bland as hell and yucky).

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Onto the buffet – lots of salad, Allepey fish curry, some delicious chicken chettinad, fried cauliflaur, green curry cauliflaur & mutton masala! I had a little of each and I must say that the chicken & mutton were the best. I tried to eat some tamarind  rice (I hated it), an appam and a small piece of butter nan. There were lots of other stuff but that was what I could manage. A little of everything. I was quite full and could not eat any desert.

After our training, the two of us went to get some beer and peanuts at a bar close by. We had pork fingers & chips as well. Nice way to close off the day don’t you think?

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Maybe We Could’ve Loved You Better

One year ago on this day, the music world….we lost Jeff Healey to cancer. The loss for music is so great that it cannot be measured. His body may be gone but his spirit is still with us, instilled in every note of the guitar playing that he is famous for and in every word that he sung. The world became a little worse when he passed on. Lucky for us, we still have tapes, cds, dvds, mp3s & Youtube to cling on to his memory.

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Here’s I Tried watch the christmas miracle of jonathan toomey online by the Jeff Healey Band.

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Star Trek: Are Humans The Biggest Villains Ever?

The Star Trek universe has given us a lot of wonderful thing, including the various alien races that look realistic & comical at the same time. From the Vulcans & the Kingons to the Borg & the Romulans. They are either friend or foe and there has been much debate as to who the greatest villians are. However the answer to that is probably man himself!

Think about it – the most dangerous situations have been involving a human villain. Khan Noonien Singh was a super human, in strength as well as in intellect. He almost proved to be the better in confrontations with the crew of the USS Enterprise – the first time was  in an episode of the Original series and then in Star Trek II.

Shinzon (whose likeness is shown in an artist’s work) from Star Trek X is another example. A clone of Captain Picard, created by the Romulans as a plan to infiltrate Star Fleet, Shinzon was later abandoned in the mines of Remus. Remans would take care of him and as he grows older he is filled with a hatred of Romulans and his quest to use Picard for his needs (he needs blood transfusions from Picard in order to survive). The Enterprise & Picard is almost destroyed.

april fool s day dvd And then there’s the living vessel in Star Trek I download hood of horror , which turns out to be a 20th century satellite, Voyager 6 or V’ger, lost in a black hole, found & given life by a race of living machines. V’ger obtains a vast amount of data in it’s travels and 300 years later it comes back to find it’s creator on Earth. In it’s wake it destroys a few Klingon ships and a Starfleet space station and poses a great threat to Earth.

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Just like in real life, humans are the most destructive race we have encountered. I’m absolutely intrigued by current & future themes of Star Trek. I will be discussing the creation of the Borg (V’ger may or may not play a role in that) in the days to come.

Come Join & Be Part Of The Roshaholics

Hello my handful of faithful regular readers. I’ve added this little application on the sidebar that adds any reader who so choses to be a follower of this blog. In other words, pledge your faithfulness and allegiance to moi! I saw this application in TechnoDoll’s blog.

The application is called Google Friend Connect and it’s designed to easily add social features to your blog and build a community of readers. This can be easily done with a few clicks of a button and copy/paste of some code onto your sidebar.php file. In just 4 simple steps you’re there and ready to await the first fellow blogger who is bold enough to sign up and be part of your community. So amble on over to the sidebar and click on and join. Admit to the world that you are addicted to the Rosh.

“Hi! My name is ______ and I am a Roshaholic!” There is no cure but atleast you will know that you are not alone!