Bruised Middle Finger Salute

The meeting/review went really well. It started a little after 10:30 am and ended close to 3 pm. We had a working lunch, all 20 of us cramped onto the board room table, eating packets of fried rice, fish fry & chilli gobi and sipping on a cola. Once the review was over, I left to check on things happening in my department.

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Around 3 pm I went into the bathroom to take a leak and went into the end stall. As I entered, I also closed the door….hard! I slipped on some water on the floor and as I slipped, I grabbed on the door stall doorway…and two of my fingers  on my left hand got jammed as the door closed. This all happened instantaneously that I couldn’t move my hand away.

It hurt like hell. It hurt a fucking whole lot & I yelled out loud and tried to nurse my poor hand. Ikept my hand under running water and called out for some ice to press against my bruised hand. I also got a band-aid on my middle finger as I had a cut. The ice helped but my middle finger still hurts plenty. I’m not using my middle finger of the left hand as I type this.

I have an idea – I can blame the injury and keep showing the middle finger raised to everyone at work and claim that I was told to keep my other fingers from touching the injured finger!