One Embarrassed Malayalee

I’m a little embarrassed to say the least. That’s the reason why I didn’t blog about it immediately.  And the reason is the second major hoax regarding the state of Kerala & the city of Cochin vs terrorism & militancy. So called terrorism & militancy.

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For the second time in less than 10 months we’ve had a major hoax scare. The first one was there was the whole bomb scare, a hoax that was instigated by some idiots who called a tv station fracture dvd download the hoax online blackbeard online download . And then a few days ago, we had the grand ole “LTTE militants have been spotted on a boat heading from Cherthala on towards Cochin city. We had the cops all over the place, searching cars & vans and having numerous check points set up.

download sexy beast online I was quite a bit embarrassed to find out the next day that the so called militants were actually just a couple of harmless fishermen on their way to catch fish! Fishermen! Really! So instead of asking them “what are your demands?” we should be asking them “what are your rates?” Cause, really fish is a staple food for lots of families in the state.

Now imagine if the real militants actually did show up. Even if they stood up and proclaimed themselves to be terrorits or militants, we wouldn’t take them seriously. We’d say “oh stop it, don’t kid around my friend. Now tell us, what’s the price for a kilo of sardines?”

Sometimes You Get What You Deserve

I had to go to the client’s office for a review on the training activities for the past month. This was fixed just two days ago and since the monthly review ppt was prepared, I sent it to the client’s office mail before I came back home last night. I also sent an excel sheet with the details of all the current batches in training and the ones that were just completed recently.

watch marie antoinette online We had done some really good work so I had nothing much to worry about. I went to their office at a little after 10 am. The day was hot, so I was glad to see that their reception area’s air conditioner was on full blast. I stood near it to cool myself. So the client’s training manager arrived and we sat in a small cabin and went through the points of discussion. It was over by a quarter after 12 pm and I went out – to a furnace! It was so goddamn fucking hot that I started sweating buckets in less than a minute.

There’s a supermarket right beside the client’s office and they have a counter in the front where you can buy snacks, coffee and cold soft drinks. As I waited in, what passes off as a, line for the pre paid service, I kept what I thought was a respectful distance between me & the lady in front. Some jackass saw this as an oppurtunity and rudely cut in front of me and paid for his order ahead of me. I was annoyed and was about to say something but I decided against it. I waited and then paid for a cold mango drink and a snack.

But wait…..there’s more! One of the ladies behind the counter had observed this and when that rude bugger came up to the counter, she kept ignoring him and took my order and then the orders of a few other people. While I opened my drink and took the first sip of the cold, cold relief, moron idiot was held up, holding the paper on which his order was printed out. And what’s more; as she handed me over my purchase, she gave me a conspiratory smile and a wink.

Good one ma’am! I think that made the soft drink taste just a little bit more better than usual ;)

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