King Of Fruits Reigns Over Me

The king of fruits! His royal majesty has already reigned over me during the last few days and I am begging for more.

Mangoes – it’s summer and I am begging for mangoes. I must say that I prefer to drink mango juice rather than eat it. Within the last 5 days I have had two bottles (a 250 ml and a 500 ml) of cold mango juice from two different manufactures. Both times it quenched my thirst but it also left me craving for more.

On my way back home, I bought the 500 ml of Slice, a delicious bottled mango juice which goes down well any time. I have experimented with mangoes as in cutting up a few, making thick slush juice of it and serving it chilled. I also like mango pickle, both ripe & raw varieties, mango ‘kalan’ (a curry) and mango flavoured ice creams, shakes & smoothies.

But what’s this – both Absolut & Finlandia Mango flavoured vodka? Now that’s something to get excited about. Two of my favs – mango & vodka!

Awestruck By Thunder & Lightning

It finally rained a lot last night. After being so hot & humid and with forecast of mild showers for the past three days (Friday – Sunday). After being so cloudy for some hours and then hot & sunny for the next few. It finally rained. And when it rains it pours!

Starting at around a quarter to 9 pm, mild showers instantly turned to an average rain and then came the wind. Rumblings could be heard – maybe it’s God farting :D – and then as I looked out my windows I could see bursts of lightning streak across the sky. At 9:05 pm it was a heavy downpour with loud thunder sounding more like bombs hitting their target, along with the flash of lightnings that illuminated the night sky.

The whole thing lasted just 30 minutes. By 9:25 pm, the rain had slowed down to a trickle and the wind had died down to a gentle breeze. With the heat & humidity chased away considerably for the remainder of the night, and hopefully for the majority of today, I was able to relax on my bed without the sweat pouring from my body. It was a a much cooler night to sleep through, even though the power went out for an hour or so.