Searching For Something, Dude?

Like 99% of all bloggers, I want more & more readers who will become regular readers & commentors. So far I just have a handful of regular readers (Roshheads as yo u will be called from henceforth) but there seems to be a lot more visitors who come in from searching for something or the other. With the help of Lijit, I’ve tried to find out what has brought people here.

For the past several months, well from July 2007 actually, the article I copy-pasted from somewhere else on the net about Kevin Sullivan being possibly linked to the double murder-suicide deaths of Chris Benoit, his wife & son is the one that brings most first time readers to this blog. It’s also the one with the most comments. The words awake and dreaming or awake and dreaming roshan is the next most common reason for why people end up on this blog. For some reason!

The article on the old BSG vs new BSG has drawn a lot of readers here, including one nut whose vitirol spewing comments & emails I deleted. The very recent post on the Simpsons family postage stamps has drawn in 15 readers through google in the last week. And ofcourse, I can always depend on a couple of searches per week from google on “Anil+Madhu” typed in by none other than my friends Anil & Madhu. :D

I’m going to be checking the searches more thoroughly from now on and will try to maintain a monthly, if not weekly, tracker on what searches get people to my blog. Cheers, everyone!

Itches On My Back

I’m at home today as I didn’t go to work. I’m not exactly sure what I have but it’s dirty & nasty. It’s either the allergic reaction to some insect bite or maybe to the heat but most of my upper back is covered in boils that I had scratched and is now broken. It looks like I’ve been whipped or been the victim of a knife slashing.

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It’s stings when I sweat and when my back is rubbed against a rougher material. There’s some of it on my right under arm, between the armpit and about half way to my elbow.

It started on the evening of Friday and got worse by Saturday night. I can sleep on my back as long as I don’t sweat. And it itches like crazy at times. It felt good to stand under the shower and let the cool water wash on my back. But it’s getting warmer again in the late afternoon and I hope it starts raining soon. The cool breeze will help a lot.

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William Shatner Talks To Jian Ghomeshi

The original and the only true Captain James T Kirk, TJ Hooker & Denny Crane – 3 larger than life characters created by one man. William Shattner. Bill speaks to Jian Ghomeshi on the CBC radio talk show on the release of his latest autobiography. Great interview!