Lunch With The Team

It had been a while since we went together for lunch or anything from the office as a team. I really wanted my team to have some fun & enjoy a good meal outside of the office. So it was arranged for us to go to a hotel nearby and have some fun. By 1 pm we set out – 5 of us in a car and the remaining 5 on 3 bikes. We started out with soup – sweet corn chicken soup for 8 and 2 guys had mushroom soup. I pulled the leg of the waiter by stating, like Mike Myers does in the movie Wayne’s World, that I would have the “cream of sumyungguy (some young guy)!! A couple of my colleagues were holding back tears of laughter as the puzzled waiter said that he would check and get back to us.

So, soup was slurped back quickly and the waiter took our orders. 2 Chicken biriyanis, 3 mutton biriyani, 3 fried rice, 1 American chopsuey, 3 big ‘karimeen’ fish fry, 2 plates of chicken 65, mutton masala, one veg meals, 2 prawn schezwan & 8 porottas. The waiter staggered back with trays heaped with plates & bowls of food. We shared & compared and ate to our heart’s content. At the end of it, we had ice cream and 3 had milkshakes.

Damn that was good food and we had some fun, making jokes and laughing ourselves silly for just over 2 hours. You never know if it’s the last outing together with the same bunch of people, so make it a point to enjoy yourselves.