Ariane Sherine – Atheist Bus Campaign

Ariane Sherine is a 29 year old British comedy writer & journalist. She is also an Atheist.

In June 2008, Ariane saw a red London bus featuring a Bible quote and the URL of a website. When she visited the website, it told her non-Christians would burn in hell for all eternity. Ariane then wrote an article for The Guardian’s Comment Is Free site, “Atheists – Gimme Five”, At the end of her article, keen to suggest a solution, she proposed: [if all atheists reading this] contribute £5, it’s possible that we can fund a much-needed atheist London bus ad with the slogan: “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and [enjoy] your life.”

Thus was born the Atheist Bus Campaign! You see the link provided in the header of this blog? Ok, so many Atheists responded and in January of this year the buses with the ads were running around in London. By now, it has spread to cities Germany, Canada, Finland, Holland, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain, Italy & the US.

download december boys dvd download around the world in 80 days movie I want to ride that bus. Only thing is I would change the slogan to “There is no god. Ok, now get a life!”

You can read her blog at Ariane Sherine

Neutron Stars &a Gamma Rays

I was watching this Science program on tv last night about Gamma Rays. Scientists & Astronomers were wondering about where these Gamma Rays were being emitted from. Their search lead to Neutron stars. Neutron stars are the collapsed cores of some massive stars. They pack roughly the mass of our Sun into a region the size of a city. These stars also have the strongest magnetic fields in the known universe. The stars that eventually become neutron stars are thought to start out with about 15 to 30 times the mass of our sun.

Gamma Rays can be emitted from Neutron Stars when an object falls into it, like an asteroid. Below is an artist’s conception of a neutron star. It sits in the center of a disk of gas that spirals towards it, eventually causing a runaway nuclear reaction on the surface, visible as a flash of X-rays from across the galaxy.

King Of Fruits Reigns Over Me

The king of fruits! His royal majesty has already reigned over me during the last few days and I am begging for more.

Mangoes – it’s summer and I am begging for mangoes. I must say that I prefer to drink mango juice rather than eat it. Within the last 5 days I have had two bottles (a 250 ml and a 500 ml) of cold mango juice from two different manufactures. Both times it quenched my thirst but it also left me craving for more.

On my way back home, I bought the 500 ml of Slice, a delicious bottled mango juice which goes down well any time. I have experimented with mangoes as in cutting up a few, making thick slush juice of it and serving it chilled. I also like mango pickle, both ripe & raw varieties, mango ‘kalan’ (a curry) and mango flavoured ice creams, shakes & smoothies.

But what’s this – both Absolut & Finlandia Mango flavoured vodka? Now that’s something to get excited about. Two of my favs – mango & vodka!

Awestruck By Thunder & Lightning

It finally rained a lot last night. After being so hot & humid and with forecast of mild showers for the past three days (Friday – Sunday). After being so cloudy for some hours and then hot & sunny for the next few. It finally rained. And when it rains it pours!

Starting at around a quarter to 9 pm, mild showers instantly turned to an average rain and then came the wind. Rumblings could be heard – maybe it’s God farting :D – and then as I looked out my windows I could see bursts of lightning streak across the sky. At 9:05 pm it was a heavy downpour with loud thunder sounding more like bombs hitting their target, along with the flash of lightnings that illuminated the night sky.

The whole thing lasted just 30 minutes. By 9:25 pm, the rain had slowed down to a trickle and the wind had died down to a gentle breeze. With the heat & humidity chased away considerably for the remainder of the night, and hopefully for the majority of today, I was able to relax on my bed without the sweat pouring from my body. It was a a much cooler night to sleep through, even though the power went out for an hour or so.

Drinks @ Velocity & My Thoughts On 3 Sluts

Yesterday I was supposed to treat two of the guys in my team to drinks @ Velocity bar. I had made an offer to my team members from last October; any trainer who can achieve an average live call certification score of 85% or above from his 15-20 batch of trainees, will be treated to drinks @ Velocity. Well, it’s only for the two  guys who do drink in my team. The girls & the non-drinkers in my team would get lunch elsewhere.

So a total of 4 did cross that mark of 85%; luckily for me only 2 drink :). So I told them to come to the bar by around 2 pm. I went out for some coffee and waited until 2 and then headed to the bar. Only one guy could show up as the other was away with relatives. Anyways, we have drinks – brandy for him and 4 delicious MGM Apple Kizz Vodka for me. Chilly gobi, chilli pork, fried rice & noodles. A really good afternoon sitting on the comfy sofa right in front of the flat screen tv.

Last time I was there they were playing a dvd of Michael Jackson videos. This time it was videos of three sluts – Madonna, Kylie Minogue & Britney Spears. My thoughts on the three sluts:

  • I never really liked Madonna and I don’t think she is beautiful at all
  • How did she manage to keep her bouncing boobs inside her top dancing in the Papa Don’t Preach video?
  • Kylie was the girl-next-door and downright pretty when she first came on the scene
  • She became hot & sexy and then sluty. Do not like her anymore.
  • Britney has no talent other than enticing 14 year old boys with her sexually suggestive antics in her videos
  • Her voice still pisses me off!
  • RIP Andy Hallett AKA Lorne

    I had just got back online this evening when I read this. I have kept Wikipedia’s main page as my browser’s default homepage and I occasionally check out the deaths section. I scrolled down the list and got stuck at this one – sadly one of the greatest singing voices I have ever heard, albeit not one who is that famous, has passed away.

    Andy Hallett, a singer and actor in the tv series Angel, who played the lovable demon Lorne, also called The Host, an anagogic demon who reads the hearts and futures of his guests as they sing in his karaoke bar. That was his first attempt at acting as he was discovered by the show’s creator, Joss Whedon, while singing at a Blues convention. The character of Lorne was created based on Andy’s personality.

    After a five-year battle with heart disease and at least three additional hospitalizations, Hallett died from congestive heart failure on March 29, 2009 at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

    Rest in peace Andy. If there is an afterlife, I know you will be belting out numbers in that awesome voice of yours. Watch & listen to his version of Lady Marmalade which was part of an Angel season 4 episode & his introduction to the series during which he starts off with I Will Survive where eagles dare movie .

    Andy Hallett (August 4, 1975 – March 29, 2009)

    Lady Marmalade

    I Will Survive

    I Broke My Favourite Coffee Mug

    Shattered! Into many pieces of ceramic (or is it porcelain) shards, reminiscent of the great ruins of Greece or Babylon.

    This pretty coffee mug, pink & white was gifted to me, and similar mugs to the rest of my team, from the management of the company I work for, for achieveing the top performance out of 19 such departments across the country. Even though it wasn’t expensive it meant a lot to me.

    It represented  one of just 3 award kind of things that I have ever received from my company for achievements in performance. We felt a bit proud in walking up to the front of the crowd and presented it. And now it’s broken!

    I was having coffee late last evening and I had left the mug next to my monitor (on a coaster) until much later in the night. As I got up to go to the look to take a leak, my elbow hit the mug and down it went and shattered. I gathered up the pieces and wiped the coffee remnants off the floor.


    Arsenal 2 Manchester City 0

    I got the chance to see an in form Arsenal beat Manchester City 2-0 at the Emirates stadium today evening. Togolese striker Emmaneul Adebayor was the main instigator for the Gunners as he scored a brace of goals, both being set up by a returning Cesc Fabregas.

    How we have missed the skills of the Spanish midfielder! The Spain international had been out for three months with a knee injury, but marked his comeback in some style to set up a goal for Adebayor in each half. With Adebayor also now firing on all cylinders following his eight-week spell out of action because of a hamstring problem, Arsene Wenger’s squad could just be set for a vintage end to what has been a testing season as they prepare for a Champions League quarter-final and an FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea at Wembley.

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    Sens : Looking Foward To The Next Season

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    There will be no playoffs for the Ottawa Senators. After 77 games we are at 33 wins, 34 loses & 10 OTs for a grant total of 76 points. Only 76! We scored 203 goals while giving up 222 goals – and therein lies the problem!

    download the cook the thief his wife her lover dvd The reason why the Sens won’t make the playoffs this season is that we got less secondary scores. Plus our defence was shaky and we did not have consistent goaltending. Auld, Elliot & Gerber were the 3 goalies at our displosal when the season began, with Elliot playing for the B Sens. Just before the deadline we traded Antoine Vermette (who is settling well and scoring, I must say, for the Bluejackets) to Columbus for goalie Pascal Leclaire. Leclaire is injured and has so far not played for the Sens but the hope is that he will feature as the starter for the next season.

    Is Leclaire the steady goalie that we have been looking for? Although I think he will be a better fit than Gerber, I don’t think that we are going to win the Stanley Cup with him between the pipes. Auld is a steady backup and Elliot has charmed many fans with his excellent form but both goalies will not be as consistent as needed to win the Cup.

    download slow burn dvd And we need 2 top 6 defencemen. And a 20 goal scorer. I hope we trade for a couple of really good big name players by October. But what about the draft? Will we get a really hot young prospect? John Tavares may be out of reach but I wonder.

    download the hoax movie download man to man dvd So no playoffs! This must be what it feels like to be a Maple Leafs fan, eh Toronto? My only consolation is that they won’t make it to the playoffs as well and that it’s the 4th consecutive time for them.

    Pretty But Dumb Mendoza

    download the hoax dvd I came to know about this little incident from a blog that I read often. Saskboy has commented on our Miss Universe 2008 title holder, Dayana Mendoza. The beauty queen from Venezuela has recently visited the US naval facility Guantanamo Bay in eastern Cuba this month on a trip organised by the United Service Organisations (USO) which supports US troops.

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    hostel part ii movie She describe the visit as an “incredible experience” and called the area as a “relaxing, calm, beautiful place”!! Really? Condemned by critics and activists as a symbol of torture and prisioner abuse. Surrounded by a barbed-wire fenced, minefields and watchtowers.

    “I didn’t want to leave, it was such a relaxing place, so calm and beautiful,” was her entry in the official Miss Universe blog site.

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    Now, I have joined millions of others in making fun of beauty pageant contestants (“who is the living person you admire the most?” “Mother Theresa” comes out as the automatic response!) but this is one of the best examples of dumbness ever.


    One Embarrassed Malayalee

    I’m a little embarrassed to say the least. That’s the reason why I didn’t blog about it immediately.  And the reason is the second major hoax regarding the state of Kerala & the city of Cochin vs terrorism & militancy. So called terrorism & militancy.

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    For the second time in less than 10 months we’ve had a major hoax scare. The first one was there was the whole bomb scare, a hoax that was instigated by some idiots who called a tv station fracture dvd download the hoax online blackbeard online download . And then a few days ago, we had the grand ole “LTTE militants have been spotted on a boat heading from Cherthala on towards Cochin city. We had the cops all over the place, searching cars & vans and having numerous check points set up.

    download sexy beast online I was quite a bit embarrassed to find out the next day that the so called militants were actually just a couple of harmless fishermen on their way to catch fish! Fishermen! Really! So instead of asking them “what are your demands?” we should be asking them “what are your rates?” Cause, really fish is a staple food for lots of families in the state.

    Now imagine if the real militants actually did show up. Even if they stood up and proclaimed themselves to be terrorits or militants, we wouldn’t take them seriously. We’d say “oh stop it, don’t kid around my friend. Now tell us, what’s the price for a kilo of sardines?”

    Sometimes You Get What You Deserve

    I had to go to the client’s office for a review on the training activities for the past month. This was fixed just two days ago and since the monthly review ppt was prepared, I sent it to the client’s office mail before I came back home last night. I also sent an excel sheet with the details of all the current batches in training and the ones that were just completed recently.

    watch marie antoinette online We had done some really good work so I had nothing much to worry about. I went to their office at a little after 10 am. The day was hot, so I was glad to see that their reception area’s air conditioner was on full blast. I stood near it to cool myself. So the client’s training manager arrived and we sat in a small cabin and went through the points of discussion. It was over by a quarter after 12 pm and I went out – to a furnace! It was so goddamn fucking hot that I started sweating buckets in less than a minute.

    There’s a supermarket right beside the client’s office and they have a counter in the front where you can buy snacks, coffee and cold soft drinks. As I waited in, what passes off as a, line for the pre paid service, I kept what I thought was a respectful distance between me & the lady in front. Some jackass saw this as an oppurtunity and rudely cut in front of me and paid for his order ahead of me. I was annoyed and was about to say something but I decided against it. I waited and then paid for a cold mango drink and a snack.

    But wait…..there’s more! One of the ladies behind the counter had observed this and when that rude bugger came up to the counter, she kept ignoring him and took my order and then the orders of a few other people. While I opened my drink and took the first sip of the cold, cold relief, moron idiot was held up, holding the paper on which his order was printed out. And what’s more; as she handed me over my purchase, she gave me a conspiratory smile and a wink.

    Good one ma’am! I think that made the soft drink taste just a little bit more better than usual ;)

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    I Want To Get Away

    I need a break. I need a break from life & work and spend a month just being myself and not worrying about anything. I remember, about a year back, that I had wanted to take a room in a lodge for a week and just read all day long. Maybe if it had cable tv, I would watch movies & tv series and animal documentaries. And I would buy lots of fruit juice and drink it cold and straight outta the box. And ofcourse I would play a lot of music.

    These days are so depressing and tiresome. I can’t take much more of it. The heat is not helping either – 34 degree celcius with a 68% humidty factor. There’s predictions of rain for the next three days – I sure hope they know what they are talking about.

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    I’ll take a week off from work in April. That’s the only way that I can recharge. I want it to be a month but I think i won’t be able to stay away for that long.

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    Bruised Middle Finger Salute

    The meeting/review went really well. It started a little after 10:30 am and ended close to 3 pm. We had a working lunch, all 20 of us cramped onto the board room table, eating packets of fried rice, fish fry & chilli gobi and sipping on a cola. Once the review was over, I left to check on things happening in my department.

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    Around 3 pm I went into the bathroom to take a leak and went into the end stall. As I entered, I also closed the door….hard! I slipped on some water on the floor and as I slipped, I grabbed on the door stall doorway…and two of my fingers  on my left hand got jammed as the door closed. This all happened instantaneously that I couldn’t move my hand away.

    It hurt like hell. It hurt a fucking whole lot & I yelled out loud and tried to nurse my poor hand. Ikept my hand under running water and called out for some ice to press against my bruised hand. I also got a band-aid on my middle finger as I had a cut. The ice helped but my middle finger still hurts plenty. I’m not using my middle finger of the left hand as I type this.

    I have an idea – I can blame the injury and keep showing the middle finger raised to everyone at work and claim that I was told to keep my other fingers from touching the injured finger!