I Missed The Show :(

Well, my team members got up on stage tonight and sang two songs with all their might. But I missed it :(

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Well, due to problems in getting a karaoke version of the songs that they wanted to perform (We Will Rock You by Queen & Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd) they were in two minds as to whether to perform or not. I went to the auditorium at 5:30 pm and watched some of the show till just after 7 pm. It was the dumb fashion show that bored the shit outta me. So I went back to the office.

The guys weren’t sure if they should go on stage at all and so I left for home at 8:20 pm. A few minutes back, they SMSed me that they did finally go on stage towards the end of the show and were well recieved. Damn I hate myself  for missing it! But I’ll watch it on video – the whole show was taped by a professional crew.

Nothing Fancy – Jessie Farrell

Back in 2001 I made a chat friend who live in a farmhouse just outside of Vancouver, Canada. He was a big folk-rock & country music fan and he and I would exchange ideas and introduce each other to our fav bands. He also had a webpage where he would hosts pics of concerts & photos taken at autograph signing sessions. One of the artists he introduced me to was Jessie Farrell.

In 2002, Jessie released her debut album Today on an independent label in Canada. The songs were more of a folksy balladsy nature and I was able to download a couple of her songs for free from her website. Her voice and her beauty captivated me and I was an instant fan. 5 years later, Jessie turned country-pop and put out her second album Nothing Fancy. She also changes her appearance – gone are the dyed blond dreadlocks, she’s a stunning redhead with straight hair!

Alright, so on to the songs. We start off with the catchy & instantly memorable Let’s Talk About Love. The video, which I had embedded on a post here much earlier is as catchy and fun filled as the song. It’s a great way to introduce new fans to Jessie. Next we go to very playful & tongue in cheek I Guess – which is about dating 2 guys at the same time and not knowing whom to choose! Time for a ballad – listen to Fell Right Into You, a song about love that happens unexpectedly and comes just at the time that we need it.

Best Of Me is about giving your all in a relationship, even if your lover isn’t reciprocating the same way back to you. Lucky is a song about being happy with yourself and feeling glad to have what you have. Sorry For You is about refusing to let your friend or partner bring you down to the woeful level that they are at. Another love song is Falling Asleep (In Your Arms). Prettiest Things
is stating that all the best things and simple things lead back to the loved one.

I Am Rock is about facing your past problems and telling yourself that you are above such things at this point. Jessie probably leaves her best vocal performance for the last song, Coming Home (Juno’s Song) about a young girl’s longing for home. All songs are easy listening and will end up being favourites for many a year. I love the album; go get it and you will too.

Here’s the video for Let’s Talk About Love that I like so much.

I Only Sow The Seeds

Tomorrow is a celebratory day at the office. It’s the R&R function that’s held once every 6 months which is supposed to be quarterly but we are smart and we cust costs! (note the sarcasm) But it’s also an event that will mark our 2 years in business in the city of Cochin. It feels good to be part of something from inception till 2 years.

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I enjoyed the very first such function that we had way back in November 2007, when I got up on stage with 3 other guys (one guitarist, one bassist & a keyboardist) and sang my heart out to 3 popular rock songs. That went down very well with the people and they had wanted us to get on it once in a while. But since the bassist and guitarist no longer work with us, the band is no more.

However, I am pleased to say, that the rock bug is well and truly active with my team members. My trainers, 2 girls & 4 guys, will get on stage tomorrow and sing We Will Rock You & bits of Another Brick In the Wall. A karoke version will be playing in the background as they sing as a group. The 2 girls and 2 of the guys know nothing about rock music and if you asked them about heavy metal…..they would probably look for the nearest peice of iron or aluminium!

But they are going at it with gusto and full of enthusiasm and it sounds good enough. I only sow the seeds, the plants grow by themselves! ;)

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Ever Expanding Mp3 Music Collection

download asterix and the vikings online At the last update I was at the 28.25 GB stage as far as my collection of mp3s were concerned. That was on the 19th of March this year.

shooter movie funny money download download shredderman rules movie Right now I have 28.6 GB of music stored on my external hard drive and I have 5 GB more that I have recently downloaded + ripped stored on my hard drive. In a couple of days, after I have backed up the 5 GB onto dvds, I will move them over to the external HDD for a little more than 33 GB.

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Shave Your Tooth

asterix and the vikings online download I forgot to switch off my cell phone alarm (it plays Shipping Off To Boston georgia rule movie by The Dropkick Murphys) and so woke up at 7 am this morning. 7 am on a Sunday morning! Isn’t it illegal?

I tossed and turned in my sheets, trying to go back to sleep but it was a futile experiment. By 8, eyes slight shut, I dragged myself into the bathroom to take a leak and then brush my teeth inorder to drink a cup of coffee. But wait – jeez louise peppa cheese! I put shaving cream instead of toothpaste on my toothbrush! This outta tell ya how sleepy I must have been – my shaving cream is in a ocean blue & white tube and my toothpaste is blazing red!

MJ Tribute Evening From Cochin Artists

The city of Cochin and it’s musical artists have decided to band together and pay a tribute to the departed King of Pop. As confirmed through tweets and articles in Cochin based blogs, a tribute performance has been organized at the Gokulam Convention Center in Kaloor. The entry and the event is free of cost.

Some of the artists that will be performing for free are: Kalinga,Mother Jane, White Sugar, Dancers from the Dancers and Choreographers Association, Anna of Super Dancer fame, Jazzpeekers, Dezzlers, Michael Jackson look-alikes, Stephan Devassy, Dj Savio, Dj Arvee, Percussionist Gino, etc. It’s confirmed that there will be around 150 bands/artists at the center.

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magicians movie download My only complaint is that Renjini Haridas will be there – she pisses me off big time!

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Flames Trade Leopold For Bouwmeester

download shredderman rules online A raging question during the last season was the one regarding Florida Panthers defenceman Jay Bouwmeester – would he be traded or not? Since the end of the regular season it’s been burning again. Now, after the draft, it’s finally been answered.

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The Calgary Flames have traded defenceman Jordan Leopold and a third-round pick to the Florida Panthers in exchange for Jay, who will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. The deal is not complete – the Flames have 4 more days to get a deal with Bouwmeester before he becomes a free agent on July 1st. Bouwmeester had spent his entire career with the Panthers, scoring 15 goals and 42 points last season.

Despite showing good defenceplay and contributing offensively and being touted as one of the best in his position, most critics feel that the best is yet to come from the Edmonton born & raised Bouwmeester.

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Tavares Is No.1 Pick In 2009 NHL Draft

fracture dvd download crank online As expected by most hockey fans & pundits, John Tavares was selected first overall by the Islanders at the NHL draft on Friday night at the Bell Centre.The six-foot, 198-pound skater for the London Knights led the Ontario Hockey League in goals with 58 in only 56 games this season. The Tampa Bay Lightning followed by taking rangy Swedish defenceman Victor Hedman second overall and Colorado chose Brampton Battalion centre Matt Duchene – an avowed Avalanche fan while growing up in Haliburton, Ont. – with the third overall pick.

Toronto drafted Nazem Kadri, a player that the Ottawa Senators had hoped to snag, in the 7th pick. Instead Ottawa grabbed defenceman Jared Cowen with the ninth pick. The 18-year-old helped lead the Chiefs to the 2008 Memorial Cup championship, and had seven goals and 14 assists with Spokane last season. grabbed defenceman Jared Cowen with the ninth pick. The 18-year-old helped lead the Chiefs to the 2008 Memorial Cup championship, and had seven goals and 14 assists with Spokane last season.

The Canadiens delighted the Bell Centre crowd by taking Montreal native Louis Leblanc with the 18th pick. The Vancouver Canucks took centre Jordan Schroeder with the 22nd pick. The Calgary Flames were the last Canadian team with a first-round selection, and they snagged Tim Erixon with the 23rd pick.

download funny money Meanwhile Chris Pronger has been dealt by the Anaheim Ducks to the Philadelphia Flyers. Pronger was moved for cap reasons after veteran Scott Niedermayer informed the Ducks today he was returning for another season. The Flyers acquired Pronger tonight for Joffrey Lupul, Luca Sbisa and two first-round draft choices. The draft picks are this year’s top pick and the Flyers’ first-round pick in 2010. The Flyers also dealt a conditional third-round pick. The Flyers also acquired 24-year-old center Ryan Dingle from the Ducks.


I put off watching Mel Gilbson’s 2006 epic period movie Apocalyto for 2 reasons 1) I don’t like Mel Gibson and 2) well it’s a period movie set in the Central American jungle and all dialogue is in Yucatec Maya language with English subtitles! Turns out, it was my loss afterall.

I still don’t like Gibson but this epic movie is a must-see for any movie fan. It’s a chase film which starts of in the hunt of a wild animal for food. The men from the tribe play a practical joke on the dumbest member and it goes on from there to an evening of community & serene peace. The next morning our hero, Jaguar Paw, has to hide his pregant wife and little son in an underground cave while the village is attacked by raiders. JP watches as his father’s throat is slit right in front of him, while tied up. The villagers are forcefully tied up and led to the Maya city, while leaving the kids behind.

The women of the village are sold as slaves in the Maya city while the men are taken for sacrifice by a high priest as offering to their god. The brutal scenes of illness ravaged people lead onto the killing of the men – their hearts are cut out while still beating and then the head is chopped off. JP escapes death as there is an eclipse, so he & the remaining men are taken as target practice by the raiders. JP manages to escape, killing one of the raiders and then begins the thrilling chase over a couple of days.

I can’t describe the field of dead bodies of villagers, the running in the forest while dodging spears and arrows, leaping over a huge waterfall, the way a jaguar mauls at the face of a raider – you just gotta watch it. The lecherous & vicious Third Eye is killed by JP – he had previously taunted the villagers and was the one who killed JP’s father. The leader of the raiders is caught in a hunting trap that JP used to set for wild prey. JP finally rescues his son & wife – who gives birth to another boy while in the cave (in an unbelievable scene of the baby coming out of her womb).

The movie is set to show the downfall of the great Mayan civilization; infighting, sacrifices, drought & finally – as the movie ends we see Columbus and his men arriving at the shores. Great movie that shall go down as one of the best epic movies in recent years.

RIP MJ : The Way He Made Us Feel

Only Elvis and I mean only Elvis could match this man’s iconic status in the world of entertainment. And only Elvis’s death can match the range of emotions that go throughout the world that has followed the untimely death of the ‘King of Pop’. The news flash messages screamed ‘Michael Jackson : Dead at 50″!

funny money dvd As a child of 7 or 8 I was mesmerized by Thriller, the album that is second to none in sales. The video haunted the young imaginations of kids, teens & adults alike. Beat It & Billy Jean were mainstays of any radio channel and music video channels across the globe. I was a huge fan of MJ from the age of 8-13 when I moved my loyalties permanently over to rock. I even had a watch that would play Beat It alarms in synthesized format.

Still we all enjoyed his videos. He went over the top in theatrics and blew his fans off their seats with his dance moves. Then he went crazy and did a few questionable things. His face got bleached white, multiple surgeries on his nose, oxygen tent, his hair catching on fire, questionable marriages, child molestation charges, keeping a private zoo in his land, dangling his baby son over a window……the guy was not right in the head.

And yet, in a few years people will only remember his songs, videos and the moonwalk. Goodbye Michael.

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Michael Joseph Jackson

(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

RIP Farrah Fawcett

The movie & television world mourns the loss of yet another 1970s-80s icon. They seem to be dying out on us all of a sudden.

Actress and incandescent beauty Farrah Fawcett, 62, died this afternoon at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif., after a long battle with cancer. You may remember her for that famous poster or for her brief one year role as ‘Jill’ in the original Charlie’s Angels. When her father, James, 91, flew from Texas to see her, she passed him a note that, according to O’Neal, read: “I’ve loved and I’ve been loved. I’m happy. I’m ready.” She had written her own epitaph.

We will miss you Farrah.

Farrah Leni Fawcett

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(February 2, 1947 – June 25, 2009)

Long Way Home – Anthony Gomes

Long Way Home is a collection of songs that didn’t quite make it to the final list of Anthony Gomes’s 2006 hit album Music Is The Medicine. However there was no excuse in just leaving them hanging around, so later that same year, he released it as a companion cd. So let’s check it out.

The album starts off with guitar wails loud & in your face as Bring It hits your speakers. A wah-wah pedal drenched guitar lead breaks, it’s a kinda war cry of asking you to put your actions where your mouth is. Without You is more of the smoky bar kinds blues, with a backup singers and piano, telling a lover that the world isn’t right without her in his life. Gomes has said that this is one of his favrouite tracks.

A little bit of slide guitar introduces us to the next track Hard Line To Ride

, which describes a tough woman to love. It’s almost a destructive relationship. Purple Whiskey Sack hairspray download is a down & dirty blues-rock song about fending for yourself and having no one to trust. I believe the purple sack is about Crown Whiskey. Long Way Home is a ballad about missing your loved one and knowing that it will take some doing to get back to them. It’s a gentle acoustic ballad with just guitars. Monday Salvation is another rock n’roll number with backup singers about getting redemption.

Mississippi Hurricane is a Southern Blues Rock number about a cheating woman who left a path of destruction in her wake. Morning Star starts off with a Middle Eastern/Indian intro before going to rock mode. Soul Power is a gospel number that screams ‘Memphis’ influences and features a killer piano riff from Dylan St.John. Tilt A Whirl is an ode to 60s & 70s rockabilly & rock n’roll numbers, almost surf rock (dare I say it). It doesn’t sound like leftovers, so blues fan – get yo ass out and guy it!

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Here’s a live performance by Anthony Gomes and his band The New Soul Cowboy. The second song is Purple Whiskey Sack.

Quite Day Resting At Home

Well the worst seems to be past me. I’m feeling a lot better but not yet 100%. Not even 80%. But I think I’ll be well enough to get back to work tomorrow. If only the office wasn’t air-conditioned for just a day or two but had huge ceiling or pedestal fans instead, I know that I’ll be ok. You know the huge pedestal fans that I’m talking about? There’s 3 or 4 of them in Oberoi’s Bar on MG Road that look like old 1940s jet plane propellers!

I had downloaded & watched Star Trek Generations last night. I’ve seen it a few times but it’s always good to see Captain Kirk & Captain Picard share the screen together. I tried watching Apocalypto this afternoon but my medicines made me feel very drowsy and about 20 minutes into the movie, I switched it off and snored away to glory. I was interrupted by phone calls but I did managed to get a little over 2 hours of sleep.

There’s a little work going on around here. The apartment has 3 broken windows (the winds can really get going and if you haven’t put the hook on your windows, the glass can crack or break with the force of the window banging against the outer wall) and so we had some guys coming over to fix that. Overall it’s been a quite day and other than handle some calls from my team, I’ve had lots of rest.

Tired And Drained Of All Energy

On the road to recovery, I’m still tired and drained of all energy. The cold, adding a cough along the way, blew into a fever and joined up with a sinus & chest infection just for fun. This lead to the wounded soldier you would have seen if you had come my way yesterday evening and for most of today.

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It took lots of inhalation (with this powerful little electrical equipment that my dad bought a few weeks ago) that burned my eyes and face with it’s steam, a bottle of Piriton cough syrup, Strepsils for my throat, hot water, resum with garlic & pepper and hours upon hours of sleeping on my bed to get me to the stage that I am right now; able to sit up and come to the computer.

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I tried watching movies to while away the time – Star Trek V last evening, Lost In Space this afternoon and probably Apocalypto tonite. I need a day or 2 more of rest before I can get back to work. What’s been happening in your world, dear reader?