Hoping To Be Traveling Soon

A day ago I got the information that I will be joining a 5 member team from our Kerala center who will be paying a visit to our company’s Tamil Nadu office which is located in the city of Trichy. This is an official visit meant to increase our presense and also share some best practices; hence the trip next weekend. Tamil Nadu is a bigger state, has a bigger population plus it has a vast metropolitan city in Chennai (formerly Madras) and therefore our Trichy office is bigger and does more business.

The biggies from the Trichy office come to our center on a regular basis. Our corporate team has made our two centers intertwined on some levels. So I guess it makes some sense for us to visit that center. I’m excited on one level as I get to visit a different office of my company – I have yet to go anywhere and I’m an Assistant Manager! I should be travelling a lot more. I was hoping to visit Bangalore but haven’t been able to yet. Plus, I haven’t been out of the state in ages.

On the other hand I’m not too keen on visiting Tamil Nadu. And Trichy in particular. No offense to Tamilians but if we think Kerals is hot, Tamil Nadu can be a damned furnace! And from what I have heard, Trichy is hotter than hell. Good thing that my visit is only for 2 days eh?

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