It’s A Small World When It Comes To Friends

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to get a mail from an old colleague & friend. But what’s even better is that my friend, Alfred Joseph, sent me the mail to my office email id….He had joined the same company that I had worked for!

I met Alfred while waiting for the interview rounds at Escotel’s (now Idea) Kerala offices located in Ravipuram. We both join the company on the same day – January 5th, 2004 – and were part of Escotel/Idea’s customer care call center as CSAs. He would later move to the company’s Thrissur office and later move to corporate sales. He had some problem with Idea and would eventually leave to join Tata and then Airtel.

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I met him by chance in Ravipuram just before I joined my current company and we talked for a few minutes. Since then I haven’t heard anything about him, except maybe for a scrap or two in Orkut. However, it’s been 2.6 years later and I was surprised to learn that he has joined my current company’s Coimbatore office in the same post as me – Assistant Manager, Training!

evil under the sun online Strange & small world. I spoke to him today and we exchanged notes on each other and as to how he ended up working for this company. Glad to hear that he got married and is now a dad. I hope to catch up with him sometime soon, maybe we can meet at a Training related workshop or something.

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Bomb Blast @ Cochin Collectorate

The shattering news echoed all over the city today as the word spread about a bomb blast at the Cochin Collectorate. The blast took place on the 5th floor of the office in Kakkanad area and the building was evacuated immediately.

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Onlookers rushed to the site on hearing the roar of the blast (but I wonder if they would have helped anyone – Keralites are notoriously curious to view accidents & mishaps but the curiosity stops at that). A high alert was sounded across Kerala and security beefed up after an explosion at the Kochi collectorate building Friday evening was identified as a pipe bomb blast and identified a timer, ammonium nitrate and batteries.

A man near the spot suffered minor injuries in the blast but no deaths. Security is being beefed up and there might be cops all around. I know that the BPO which I work in is going to be very alert tomorrow. All employees have been asked to be prepared for intense frisking and bag checking.