The Hair Chronicles : Part 1

Have you been wanting to shave your head totally bald? I have!

Well ok, there’s no way that I’m going to look as good as this chick after shaving my head. Some people are just good looking enough to actually look sexy after shaving their heads completely bald. Looking cool with a shaved head is essential for anyone before he/she decides to put razor to scalp.

Personally, I would love to feel the blades of a razor on my head. I would love to shave it all off and stand under the cool waters of a shower and let my head breath! When friends or colleagues shave their heads I always feel a little jealous.

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It’s also a ‘tit for tat’, a little revenge or one-upmanship at male pattern baldness. I’m not so far gone but my hair is thinning and by the age of 40 I will be bald. If I wasn’t so fat I would have shaved my head long ago and flaunted it off for the world to see!