Back To Basics

I’m going to training today. To train a batch that is. In the past year since I got promoted toTraining Team Lead and then to Assistant Manager, I’ve managed the team and the day to day activities and stuff. I’ve only taken one Preprocess batch in the last 12 months (way back in September). I might be a little rusty on the slides but I’ve kept my training chops up by taking my team through a few presentations related to training.

Since my entire team is occupied with other Preprocess or Process batches at the moment, I’ve decided that I’ll take care of this batch, that has joined the company yesterday, for the 5 day Preprocess period. I’ve noticed that this group of 22 individuals are of a lower caliber than the ones that we have been getting in the past few months and that worries me a bit. So you can say that I’m going to test out the new recruitment drive.

Wish me luck!