The Inevitable Split

It’s finally here. There’s no more escaping it. I got a call today around noon, informing me that I will have to move two of my 3 senior trainers in my team to another department. This is because of their seniority and grade – corporate stuff that deems them to be too expensive to remain as part of the training team. The reasons are beyond me and I’ve been lucky so far – I was told of this movement well over a year ago, when I first took over as being in charge of this team but I have managed to postpone it by sheer luck and some help.

But I think my luck has run out; an official mail has been sent by the DGM of training in Bangalore, to whom I report to, and addressed to the center head in the center where I work. This movement is inevitable and it’s time has come. I do not think that I can change it or halt it for much longer. And I know that they wouldn’t want to move to the department that they are headed to but I think there are no options left.

I hate this – you would have to work here to know why my trainers would not want to transfer to that department. And I know that we’ll still be in the same office (it’s only 3 storeys high) and we can still have most of our lunches together and chat over coffee as often as we can. But it won’t be the same. I can’t believe that we won’t be one team and have fun together.

But I guess that is life in a corporate setting. It’s not something that I can control and I do not care much for it but I’m stuck with it irrespective of whether I like it or not.

Wish You A Happy Married Life

A former trainee of mine (this would have been a training batch in October 2007) invited me to chat this morning. We also voice chatted for a few minutes in Gtalk. She no longer works in the same office as I do, having resigned from her post as a CSA a few months ago. I’ve always had lovely rapport with her, even if after our initial 5 day training period, I’ve had very little official work concerning her.

She would always stop to chat with me for a few minutes if she saw me and she followed this pattern after she left by leaving me scraps / messages in Orkut or in an email. So I wasn’t surprised to see the Gmail invite. So after the plesantries were done, she said that she had news! She was getting engaged in late August & her marriage had been fixed for the 1st of November. I congratulated her but I wasn’t too happy on knowing the details

She’s just met the guy for a few minutes before the ‘deal’ was finalized by her folks and his. She wasn’t sure what his name was and it took a few minutes for her to confirm the dude’s name. And she told me that he was working in IBM’s Delhi office but had no clue as to what he exactly did. She hasn’t seen him since that initial day and she wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to attend their engagement as he may not get the leave! What the fuck ?!

I’m Indian so I shouldn’t get surprised when I hear about such bullshit marriages and ideals about marriages. I mean, she wasn’t even sure of his name for crying out loud. I couldn’t marry a girl I barely know. I know it was the norm here and please don’t get me wrong…..I mean to insult the very idea behind it and to hell with anyone’s fucking feelings!

I mean, how does a dad go ahead and do this – Boy, you may not know my daughter well enough to call her an acquaintance and she may not be sure of your name but don’t let that stop you from fucking her during some nights and a few afternoons as well. It’s a goddamn meat market – just take a look at the matrimonial ads that are right next to the classified. Stereo, computer, furniture, cow, goat and daughter for sale. Oh but in the same case, the dad will throw in the money as well!