My Train’s A Coming

An update on my dad – I was with him the whole night and kept him company. I reached the hospital just after 9 pm and stayed with him for a while, until I felt hungry enough to go and get some dinner. Since the hospital cafeteria was closed (at 10 pm) I wandered into the nearby new hotel which was started by the same people who run one of the two bars that I normally frequent (Oberois).

While eating a light lunch, I was on a call with a colleague from our HR department, discussing an Employee Engagement activity that is to be held on the 24th of July. EE wanted my inputs on the new hire and that went on for almost 45 minutes. I made my way back to dad’s room and settled in for the night after I had a little chat with him.

By 6 pm we had 3 nurses come in (at different times) to take a blood sample (nurse Vampira), blood pressure (nurse Stressa) and urine sample (nurse Piss-me-not). I’m kidding – all 3 were sweet little nurses, not much older than 23 or 24 and it amused me when they kept calling my dad as ‘achaa’ (father). It amused the hell outta him too. Once all the tests are done by tomorrow, he can come back home. It should have been completed by today evening but there is a huge waiting list.

By 7 am I was back in the apartment and got ready to go to the office. I had to work today till 6:30 pm and then rushed back home to iron my clothes for a journey – I’m traveling to Trichy (in Tamil Nadu) tonight and my train leaves in less than 2 hours. It’s an official business trip and I just couldn’t get out of it. With my dad having all these hospital tests and the training being delayed at work, this just isn’t the right time for me to be away from Cochin. But I understand that it is important for me to be there for 2 days.

So wish me luck on my first trip out of the home state of Kerala in the last 10 years or more (man that is so weird). I look forward to it and hope to be back home by Wednesday to see my dad back in the apartment. I gotta finish packing and get some dinner before I join my colleagues at the station.