The Absolutely Fake World Of Hindi Reality TV

I do not watch Hindi movies or tv series. I can’t stand Bollywood. I stopped watching the movies that they churn out every second of every day when I was in my mid teens. Since then, yes I have watched 3 Hindi movies in a theatre with friends, out of which I only liked 1. Hindi TV series have gone from bad to worse to worst to ‘holy shit what the fuck is that?’ mode. But even more despicable are the Reality tv shows that they make.

Now, reality tv as such has a huge stamp of ‘fakeness’ or  ‘scripted’ as some like to call it on them. Feed it a heavy dose of crap and you get Hindi Reality Tv shows! There’s a celebrity survivor kinda nonsense, where it’s clear to see that the celebrities are not campping out & surviving in a jungle but they are rather in a Bollywood set! The ‘fights’ especially the cat fights are so fucking fake even toddlers can do much better.

As it is Indian tv is now indundated with hoardes of singing competetion shows (thanks a fucking lot, American Idol) and dance competitions. But the ones in Hindi are scripted even more! A huge drama before the results/eliminations are announced. A bunch of small kids crying and saying that they are orphans who are being taken care off by their dance teacher (who is band leader, mother, big sister & future actress rolled into one) and that if they don’t win the prize money they don’t know how they will survive!

Immediately the teacher starts crying, the audience starts crying, the judges start crying & even the celebrity guests of the day start crying. I bet the camera crew & producers were crying as well! A sickly sobbing song starts to play and one of the judges runs to the kids and hugs them! I watched this while changing channels and was so stunned that I sat there with a dumbfounded look on my face. If I could teleport myself there on the set with a machine gun, I would have shot every fucking person there!

Today I saw a bit of the celebrity survivor kinda of show with the fake fights. It’s obviously a huge put on bit. Despite days in the ‘forest’, make up and hair is perfectly aligned. And just why the bloody hell can’t they speak properly. One sentence in Hindi will have one or two words in English. Aren’t there enough fucking words in the Hindi language? The presenters are the worst. Rejects from the movies and music channels.

But the worst was the roadies judges on MTv? Who the fuck does that bald asshole think he is? If he ever talked in such a manner to someone here, he would be lucky to get out alive with both his testicles intact!