Eh…(Chomp, Chomp) What’s Up Doc?

I hate going to hospitals, especially if it’s for me, but since my ankle hadn’t healed completely, I knew it was time for me to visit one. So around 11 am, after stopping to take some money from an ATM, I was at the nearby PNVM Hospital and asked to meet the doctor in Casualty.

I waited for my turn and told the doc my woes and then was led to the x-ray machine, just so we could rule out a fracture – hairline or otherwise. This was the fear that I had in my mind after 3 days of enduring pain on my ankle. Unfortunately the technician & people at the x-ray machine were stupid morons and less than professional. As I waited my turn, there was an older woman who was clearly ill at ease and these idiots weren’t even paying her attention.

Instead they were laughing & joking about some stupid thing that a attendant had done there the previous evening. They didn’t know the pain that the lady was going through. When they were getting my foot x-rayed, one of the girls there kept pressing my foot on the board hard and asking me to keep it straight. I glared at her after I yelled out in pain from my foot being pressed hard “Sister, if I could hold it the way you want me to, I wouldn’t be here, would I? I have a bad sprain so treat my foot like it’s injured”. That shut the 4 of them and they quitely took the x-rays and another nurse led me back to the doctor.

After a checking, he confirmed that there was no fracture but that the sprain needed bandaging and he also gave me some medicines. He assured me that I could go back to work from tomorrow as long as I kept my foot bandaged and avoid climbing stairs. I’m so glad to be going back to work – I’m needed there and I need to be there. I’ll just take it easy at the office and not go out at all for the next few days :(

And oh, yes I did. I totally flirted with the nurses while I was there.

As The Years Go Rushing On By

Growing older sucks. In a couple of days I will turn 33 years old. 33 – man I swear that I feel like I’ve lost out on a few years. Although I know that the actual truth is that I wasted my years. What do I have to show for these 33 years?


The signs of aging! Well, a few more wrinkles started to appear and certainly the loss of hair (but that’s more of a genetic one). My beard seems to grow a whole lot more faster that I care for it to do so. I had last shaved on Friday and I didn’t bother to shave since. On Monday morning after I brushed my teeth, I was amazed at the growth on my face as I looked in the mirror and ran my hands on my beard.

I’m glad that I’m not greying yet except for a couple of grey beard hairs and in my nostrils (ewww). The grey isn’t too obvious since I don’t grow a beard and I try to yank out the grey hairs in my nostrils.

But I regret not being able to do the things that I should have done. I regret that financially I’m not there yet. Yes I have a good title at work but it hasn’t brought the money in…yet. I don’t any savings and I don’t have a place of my own.

I also regret the fact that I am still single and lonely as hell. I tie this down to the fact that I am not happy with my life, so how can I make someone else happy? My bed is half empty and I long for the woman who will make me feel complete. She’s just not here yet. I’ll find her…eventually I guess.

So 33 is almost here. Don’t wake me up on that day and maybe he’ll just go away.