Looking For An Mp3 Catalog HTML Converter

I’m searching for a good free software that will catalog my entire mp3 collection and create a list and that will also let me generate that list into an HTML format. The mp3 player application Winamp has an inbuilt feature that lets you do this and earlier I used to just add each and every file in my collection and then generate an html file – but that only works if you have a smaller collection!

The last time I tried it, Winamp crashed and I had to restart the application again. Since then I’ve added close to 10 GB of mp3s so I do not think that it’s an option that I can use. I tried to find a satisfactory freeware application online but I can’t find one that does the job. I dunno, it seems like a basic requirement since most people have digital copies of their music and music lovers will have huge collections.

If anyone reading this can suggest a really good application, please leave a comment.