Head Cold Be Gone

I’m not feeling so good this evening. Actually I’ve not been feeling so good this entire day. I have a bad cold and a running nose and I hope it doesn’t develop into a fever. I cannot stand another sick day.

I’m going to turn in early, perhaps watch a movie before I sleep. I’m taking a pill for my cold and I hope it’s gone by morning cause I have some shopping to do. So I’ll say good night to you and I hope to see you in the morning bright & shiny!

A Ray Of Hope In The Dark Void

The third one has left the team & the organization. Sreekumar was the perinial scapegoat of a botched up HR & transition goof up and he paid the price for it. To his credit, he has never let his personal & professional problems affect his work and he has remained dedicated & single-minded in his approach to achieving the targets & beyond.

There has only ever been one incident where I had to admonish him and get really dissappointed with. But that’s ok – there were a 100 things that he did that deserved and got high praise. I’m sure that he’ll do well in his new job.

So that’s 3 down, 2 more to go. I have some  hope that I will be able to retain 2 of the remaining guys. I’ve been given a lifeline and I have had the DGM of training speak to them about it. She has asked them to wait for 5 days at the maximum and then see what we can offer them and it is clear that my guys do not want to go. So I have my fingers crossed. Let’s see if it pans out.