A Long Day But Here’s The Short Version

I worked as normal from 10:30 am till 8 pm and then – went to the hospital this evening at 8 pm as one of my colleagues had fainted and was taken to the ICU in Ernakulam Medical Center. Turns out that his BP dipped at an alarming rate and he hadn’t been feeling well the past few days due to a fever & cough.

A few of us were at the hospital till about 9:30 pm and we got him discharged and packed him off home. He seemed ok by then. After that I accompanied a lady colleague till her home in Fort Kochi and then the cab driver drove me home. It was 10:30 pm as I stepped in and I’ve just had some dinner and now I need a bottle of water and I just want to go to sleep for 9 hours if possible. Goodnite folks!