The End Of A Long Week

It’s been a long week, 6 days of pure stress and tension. Preparing, rehearing & then presenting a review (along with the rest of the departments) in front of 2 VPs. Getting dissappointed with their arrogant comments. Going to work at 9:30-9:45 am and reaching home after 10:30pm. Not sleeping enough. I have dark circles around my eyes the size of the rings around Saturn!

Meanwhile the selection process for the new crop of Trainers & Quality Analysts is reaching it’s culmination. They have been through a Product test, an apptitude test and a call calibration round. Today they had to do presentations in front of a panel consisting of just me & the Quality Lead. We both sat through 26 presentations – some were good and some just plain stank. I had an excel sheet in front of me and I entered the scores on the evaluation format for trainers and noted feedback.

I’m no Simon Cowell. For that matter I’m no Randy Jackson or Paula Abdul. I tell them when I’ve enjoyed something and when they’ve done something well. I gave them sincere feedback and told them how they should improve. I feel sorry for some as they have no hope of getting through either option. Now, tomorrow late afternoon, with a cup of strong coffee in front of me I will compile all the scores and mark them bottom 25% – who will be eliminated before the final round – a personal interview round with me & the HR Manager.

I can’t wait for my team to be finalized and I get them released to me. Tuesday evening cannot come too fast for me!