The List Is Out – Here’s My Team

The list is published and by late afternoon my four new kids were released to me. I was so happy when they came in to report to me – like a proud father who has been waiting for the deliver of his new born. Well, in my case, I’ve got 7 in total. So that’s Roopa, Wasim, Sabareesh & Anusha who have joined up.

Due to some activities going on at the office, I told them to meet up with me after 3 pm. By 3:30 I sat with them for 3 hours and gave them a download and set expectations for what’s coming up in the next few days. Some leaves requested prior to joining up with me were sorted out and I asked them to give a good introduction about themselves.

Stuff that keeps piling up made me feel stressed and so from 6:45 pm till 8:45 pm I was at my desk and trying to sort out emails. Then I waited for a cab while I chatted with one of my new trainers. She was waiting for her sister, who is an agent in the call center, to finish her shift too. By 9:45 pm I got into a cab and made my way home – the long way. 88 minutes laters I’m home, having had a late dinner and checking my mails.