The Proposal

The first time I heard about this movie and who’s starring, I thought “what an odd pairing? Sandra Bullock is over 10 years older than Ryan Reynolds!” To tell you the truth, she doesn’t look that much older than Reynolds in the movie but it still is odd casting.

Well there are some who love the movie; I wasn’t bowled over but I didn’t exactly hate it as well. It has some funny moments and it’s flaws. I hate it when a father or a family suddenly changes his/their feelings and ‘sees the light’ and I’m not too sure about the corny ending here either.

Right then, as most of you may know by now, Bullock plays Margaret Tate a Canadian chief editor in a huge New York publishing company and who is about to be deported for visa transgression. She bribes her harried assistant, Andrew Paxton, to marry her so she can stay back. Andrew’s future as an editor is tied to her, so he reluctantly agrees. He takes her home to his little hometown and she sees that not only is the family rich, they are also loving & welcoming.

One thing leads to another, Andrew finds out that despite her snottiness & meanness, Maggie is a sweet woman and she grows to like him as well. The granny, played by Betty White,  is a match-making & funny but it also comes across as too much at times. At the wedding, overcome with guilt, Maggie confesses to everyone that it was only a business deal and thanks Andrew. She goes back to NY city to pack up and leave the country. However, urged on by his family, Andrews goes to her and tells her he loves her and they kiss – in their office in front of everyone.

The funniest scene is the naked thing – Bullock and Reynold slam into each other while naked and not having seen that the other is also in the same room. The ‘smack’ of naked bodies slapping into each other is about as real as you can get. The movie also stars Malin Akerman, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson & Asif Mandvi. 8 outta 10!