If This is Flirting…..

My attempts at flirting are a in a class of their own. What I lack in appearance, I make up for in……perseverance! And courage! And variety! And novelty!

Here are a few of my favourite attempts at flirting:

  • Can I see your wings? Or when did you get here from heaven? (angel)
  • I bet your name is Mickey…..cause you’re so fine (Johnny Bravo)
  • You must be from Tennessee…cause baby you are the only ’10’ I see!
  • You smell kinda pretty…..wanna smell me? (Johnny Bravo)
  • Has anyone told you that you’re angry when you’re beautiful?

That last one had this cutie who is visiting here on official business from the Bangalore office in splits this evening. I’ve been waiting to see her since last December and try this one on her. It works like a charm ;)

October Is The Month Of Holidays

Google made me look with some happiness at it’s logo – today, October 12th is Thanksgiving Day.

But then I checked; it’s Thanksgiving Day only in Canada and since I use both google.ca & google.co.in I got the logo showing the Canadian holiday.

I did a quick check – the holiday is pretty much the same as it’s American cousin in the two most important things – the feel of autumn with it’s falling leaves and pumpkins galore & the large meal which is centered around a huge roasted turkey and pie for dessert. Now that’s a meal.