The Big & Little Red ‘O’

Since late October 2006, I’ve been a FireFox user & fanatic. It’s been my browser of choice. I went so far as to taunt & ridicule the tech department of my office to try and get them to switch over to FireFox from the default IE. It did not work but there were many converts who used it for the home PCs!

Around the same time, or perhaps just before my switch to FireFox, I also installed & tried out the 2nd alternative to IE – Opera. I quite liked this browser and could see myself using it a lot. It’s a lot like Mozilla’s FireFox except that I think the pages seem a lot more flatter. To understand what I mean, open the same page in both FireFox & Opera, side by side and you’ll see the difference. Created by the Opera Software company based in Norway, the red ‘O’ is very user friendly and features tabbed browsing, page zooming and an integrated download manager.

After a very long time, I’ve recently started trying out Opera for a few sites here and there. I find that it’s a bit slower than FireFox and some WordPress Themes do not seem to work well in it. The reason I wanted to get back to using Opera again is because they have a mobile version, the Opera Mini, for browsing through mobiles & smartphones like the BlackBerry models. I can’t see myself completely shifting to Opera on my PC but it’s a good software to keep as an alternative.