BlackBerry Is Net Connected And Online

Yeah! My Blackberry Internet services are online – although they did take their own sweet time to get it done. I applied for the activation on the 2nd of Dec (last Saturday) but the offices were open only by Monday (4th). I kept checking with them for the past 4 days and today by evening it was activated and as I watched, the applications kept getting added to my Blackberry menu. First things first I needed to check and see if the browser would work – and lo and behold! I got google!

Then it was onto the emails – I wasted no time in setting up my gmail account and my office email. I setup Windows Live Messenger. Then it was onto TwitterBerry – which is now known as OpenBeak! Why the change in name – I have no clue!

I checked out to see if I could get Youtube vidoes to play and I must say that it was quick and I was impressed. I installed BlackBerry App World, and upgraded to the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger.  And now finally, just a few minutes ago, I downloaded and installed Gtalk. I’m happiest about that application the most.

Serviced – Denied!

I’m getting a little tired of my ISP M/s Tata Indicom Broadband. They’ve begun to go down quite frequently. The Cochin server went down twice in the last two late evenings.

It goes down in the night and comes back up just as I am getting ready to leave. During the weekdays I’m online usually from 8:30 pm till midnite and then in the morning while having coffee and before getting ready for work. So their services are down during the hours that I am available to use the net at home! If this goes on, I will end up paying for only usage on the 6 days that I have off from work!

I’ve been with Tata for over 3 years now and at times their service has been exemplary. Tata – please get your act back together.