Waiting For The Call

I’ve been on the look out for a new job for quite a few months now. In fact since July 2008! Boy that’s a long time isn’t it?

It’s not that I haven’t been offered any jobs. It’s just that the jobs being offered weren’t the ones that I wanted. And at my age, I can’t be hopping about going from job to job like I have nothing to lose. The closest that I came to joining one was back in August 2008, when I came within a stone’s throw of joining a BPO as a senior trainer for their Amritsar branch. I got a bit pissed off by their dumb demands and stopped corressponding with them.

There have been a few good ones since then, most recently towards the end of November. It seemed to be the best one too and I hit a great rapport with the agency HR but they claim that the client (a big Mobile service provider for whom I applied to the post of AM – Training) didn’t get back to any of the profiles that they gave them for the time being and that every new hiring was halted till mid-January. Oh flipping well!

Today I got a call for another job in either of Bangalore or Hyderabad. It’s actually a step down in profile but the way that I look at it is if it pays well then I might look at it. So I sent them my resume. And then after I came home, I found through Naukri.com a new job opening in Bangalore which would be perfect for me. So I have emailed the HR person who was mentioned in the job ad and am keeping my fingers crossed. Although to tell u the truth, I would prefer something closer to home, I guess a move to Bangalore would be good for me.