The Flock Comes For A Visit

I knew that I would really miss them but it’s only when they come to visit you do you realize how much that is.

Two of my former trainers came today to the office to submit their applications to move their PF accounts to their new ones. They said that they would come to see us. I was a bit shocked to see them – they looked extremely thin and tired and both had recently shaved their heads as it is very hot in Chennai (where they now work). The remaining trainer and I sat with them for about an hour while we caught up and they filled us on all the things that have happened recently for them in Chennai.

A third former team member mailed me from Chennai and said that she misses us a lot and would want to see us when she could take her next leave. Yet a fourth former member asked to have a few drinks tomorrow. I said yes. Tomorrow’s going to be a little reunion with a few of us meeting up.