Why Do I Even Bother?

Today was a typical sick day away from the office for me. Here’s how these days normally go.

  • I keep the client SPOC, my immediate boss, his boss, my team and the local DGM informed that I would require a leave as I am unwell.
  • Open, read and delete the few ‘Get well soon’ text messages.
  • Field around 20 calls before lunch.
  • Read & reply to about 10 emails also before lunch.
  • Try to get some sleep or relax by watching something on my computer while lying under the covers on my bed.
  • Get interrupted atleast 5 times before 5 pm by more calls, SMSes and emails.
  • Get coffee and read more emails
  • Get informed about something urgent that normally pops up on days that I take leave.
  • By late evening and on 5th or 6th cup of coffee, wonder what happened to the rest and relaxation on my sick leave.