A Day For Team Bonding

I’m excited about Tuesday. No, not because it’s Indian Republic Day! Not that it is a bad thing but I have a different agenda over it.

I’ve arranged for my team to go on a little off-site event on the 26th. I’ve booked a hotel board room (Hotel Park Residency) from 9am till 6pm. I’ve planned for a half day workshop with a few ppts and some activities. To refresh ourselves, we will have some cold fresh fruit punch and some snacks by 11 am. There will be a good lunch served in the afternoon.

Post lunch it’s gonna be more of a party time! I’ve got some music playing, some games and we’ll have some fun. I’m gonna make people dance and sing and for the day, I want them to forget about the stress and strain at work. Release their tension and pressure and let loose – release some steam and add a few more cliches! Whatever it is, my boys & girls work hard so we need to play a little bit hard as well.

This does cost money and the company is not gonna foot the entire bill but I managed to squeeze some money outta them. The rest will be put up by us. My total budget is Rs.4000. I plan on putting up a little bit more just to cover some other aspects like a laptop for hire from the hotel.

They deserve some respite after back to back hiring & training non-stop. I want to make it happen for them. Expect some photos.