An Afternoon Out

I get two Saturdays off in a month. My fortnightly ritual on Saturday is to get up late on Saturday morning, have as little breakfast as possible and read my mails will sipping on hot coffee at my pc. This is because I usually go out for a long cold coffee and brunch at noon and don’t want to eat much.

Similarly today followed the same style. By 11:15 am I was in the shower and fresh as a lotus after a rainfall, I stepped out ready for some time spent out. I went out a little after 12 pm to Barista Cafe and ordered a Barista Blast (which is awesome and loaded with ice cream in your coffee) and a delicious smoked chicken sandwich. Once again, I was hooked up to their Wi-fi service on my BlackBerry but it was slower than usual. I was also reading a book – The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood. I spent almost 90 minutes there before I went out for a walk.

Vodka + Sprite on the rocks

I then went over to Velocity Bar for some vodka and some food. I was hoping that Neil could join me for a late lunch and waited for him for while but I guess he got caught up with something. I sat near to their flat screen tv (showing The Condemned on Star Movies) and ordered 3 White Mischief vodka and sprites with lots of ice. I also had some fish & pork with porotta.

Over all it was a nice afternoon and I took another walk for a little bit. I came  back home to a nice evening breeze and watched episode 4 of Stargate Universe.

Stargate : Universe – Episodes Air 1,2 & 3

The third live action series that sprang forth from the original movie Stargate is Stargate : Universe. The first 10 episodes have been aired live in the US, UK & Canada. I don’t get it on cable tv here in India as of yet, but I am able to download them from torrent files.

When the series opens we seen a huge & long Ancient ship, which we later learn was named Destity, emerge from hyperspace. One by one the characters drop through the stargate built into the ship, tumbling as they all flee destruction. Flying equipment hits the stumbling survivors, some injured and bleeding. We see the brilliant scientist Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle), Colonel Everett Young (Louis Ferreira) and Lt. Matthew Scott (Brian J Smith). There’s Eli Wallace (David Blue), Lt. Tamara Johansen (Alaina Huffman), Sg. Ronald Greer (Jamil Walker) & Chloe Armstrong (Elyse Levesque) whose Senator father sacrifices himself to save the rest.

The survivors are from the Icarus Base, on a planet many light years from Earth, where they they tried to use the planet’s unique radioactive core to power a Stargate and dial the 9th Chevron which has eluded them so far. The planet is attacked by alien ships and the base is evacuated through the Stargate onto Destiny just before the planet explodes. Thus our cast is lost on a million year old Ancient Ship and they have no way of dialing Earth and returning home.

Tensions run high as most people don’t trust Dr. Rush who assumes command as the Col is injured. Supplies are short and the ship’s life support systems aren’t functioning properly. They find a holographic log of the ship’s journey. This map shows Destiny’s original departure from Earth millions of years ago and its passage through numerous galaxies, placing them currently several billions of light years from home. They also find that a ruptured hull on one of the ship’s shuttles is causing the air to leak out and that the CO2 scrubbers need to be cleaned.

Chloe’s injured father Senator Armstrong (Christopher MacDonald) sacrifices himself by sealing himself in the shuttle, buying the rest of the reluctant crew some more time of breathable air by stopping the air leak. The ship stops near a planet and the crew see that they have 12 hours before the ship’s FTL drive starts up again. A seven member team is sent to find supplies or help on the planet. If they don’t make it back in 12 hours, the ship will leave without them and they have no means of getting back.

Dr. Rush, Eli, Lt. Scot, Sg. Greer, a soldier and 2 scientist search the desert planet for an area where the sand contains gypsum, to make a solution that can scrub the CO2 scrubbers and get breathable air working again on the ship. The team split up into two but the two scientists and the soldier want to try one of the other planets. They dial the stargate and enter the portal but a returning Greer shoots Frankin (a scientist) in the arm, preventing him from leaving.

Lt. Scot finally finds the needed substance and they arrive just back in time to reach the gate and exit into the ship. The crew has lost two members already. However as the ship leaves orbit, the CO2 scrubbers are clean and the pure air starts pumping in much to the relief of the crew. We see the survivors breathing easily as life support returns to normal and the immediate danger of death via asphyxiation is averted. But the crew is heading into the unknown with no way of reaching Earth.