BlackBerry Is Net Connected And Online

Yeah! My Blackberry Internet services are online – although they did take their own sweet time to get it done. I applied for the activation on the 2nd of Dec (last Saturday) but the offices were open only by Monday (4th). I kept checking with them for the past 4 days and today by evening it was activated and as I watched, the applications kept getting added to my Blackberry menu. First things first I needed to check and see if the browser would work – and lo and behold! I got google!

Then it was onto the emails – I wasted no time in setting up my gmail account and my office email. I setup Windows Live Messenger. Then it was onto TwitterBerry – which is now known as OpenBeak! Why the change in name – I have no clue!

I checked out to see if I could get Youtube vidoes to play and I must say that it was quick and I was impressed. I installed BlackBerry App World, and upgraded to the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger.  And now finally, just a few minutes ago, I downloaded and installed Gtalk. I’m happiest about that application the most.

Serviced – Denied!

I’m getting a little tired of my ISP M/s Tata Indicom Broadband. They’ve begun to go down quite frequently. The Cochin server went down twice in the last two late evenings.

It goes down in the night and comes back up just as I am getting ready to leave. During the weekdays I’m online usually from 8:30 pm till midnite and then in the morning while having coffee and before getting ready for work. So their services are down during the hours that I am available to use the net at home! If this goes on, I will end up paying for only usage on the 6 days that I have off from work!

I’ve been with Tata for over 3 years now and at times their service has been exemplary. Tata – please get your act back together.

Strike While The People Suffer

For the past two days now the public in Kerala have had to suffer a lot due to the unfair & totally uncalled for private bus strike. The hapless public, who depend on the bus service are forced to borrow a vehicle or take rides offered by alternative services which are possible a) too expensively charged b) stuffed like sardine and c) not reliable. In many cases some other people make a profit by plying cab services.

To make matters worse the government run KSRTC buses have also joined in the strike – although this was not a complete one. But still it was a double blow in the groin for an already inconvinienced public. In my office they have arranged cabs services which have increased our expenses and have also caused lots of issues with people being late in reaching work and home. It’s not sure how much longer this strike will continue but one thing is for sure – it certainly isn’t going to be the last one!!

It’s the local communist-minded, tea drinking, beedi smoking, frog in the well syndrome, idiotic thinking imbeciles who will raise a flag at the drop of a lungi and hold a dharna for anything under the sun. When will this land learn?

Pearl Jam: Tweet For A Song

Pearl Jam & Twitter – sounds like an unlikely combination or collaboration! But stranger things have happened. The band, which released a new album, Backspacer, last year had a series of promotions with MySpace to promote the album. Now they’re turning to Twitter for some more.

The band has teamed up with the digital media house Culture Jam to launch a new site that easily allows you to tweet about about the Pearl Jam song “Just Breathe.” This site is actually a simple application that gets your Twitter credentials via OAuth. In exchange for the tweet, you’ll receive a code that will allow you to download the song on iTunes for free. Specifically, it’s a live version of the song that was recorded at Austin City Limits this year.

All they ask is that you Tweet about the song and by doing so, you will automatically be following @pearljam – which every fan should do. Unfortunately, the download is only available for US consumers. No problem, enjoy the lovely song played live in Austin. Beautiful!

Mondays Always Good For Catching Up

Feeling very down as not only do we have to complete last month’s reports in short time and get ready for 2 or 3 more reviews in the next 3 days, I also found out that the corporate HR has goofed up once again! This is getting so ridiculous that there is no excuse whatsoever! But the company just continues to do these stupid things.

I had to rush out of the office to go to attend a friend’s engagement party. The actual function was done in a church earlier in the day and then they held a nice dinner party at his parents’ home. I stay for some time chatting with a couple of mutual friends and then went to be served dinner – very spicy chicken, porotta and rice. The chicken was so spicy that I saw many people with watery eyes who kept downing the ice cold lemonade in buckets! I must have drunk two liters of the drink.

On the way back I ran into a former colleague at the bus stop – let’s just say that he was surprised that I was still working for the same company! It seems that he had some problems while he was working in the Adminstration department and he filled me in on some of the issues he faced. Well he is now regional HR for a chain of mobile sales super stores – 16 across the state. Good for him.

Sens Update 3rd Jan, 2010

After the last update, goalie Brian Elliot came back but could not do much to save a loss against the Boston Bruins, 0-2 on the 21st of December. This was the same day that Senators C Mike Fisher confirmed his engagement to singer Carrie Underwood. Two days later it got even more worse – infact the lowest point of the season so far. We lost away to the Pittsburgh Penguins 2-8 in a thrashing like we have never seen before. Anton Volchenkov & Chris Kelly scored the goals for us.

The Senators had to wait till Boxing day to get their act back together – a 3-2 shootout victory over the Buffalo Sabres. Ryan Shannon & Chris Neil scored the regulation time goals for the Senators. And then on the 28th we had a nice home victory over the Montreal Canadiens, 4-2. Shannon, Neil, Peter Regin & Chris Campoli had the goals for the capitcal city.

Ottawa played the last two days of the year, a 3-4 loss to the Colorado Avalanche in which Shannon had a brace and Nick Foligno had the 3rd goal. But New Year’s eve was much more happier for the Sens. It was a shootout victory over the New York Islander – regulation time goals scored by Kelly & Regin.

An Unboxing Of The BlackBerry Curve

I really wanted to do a video of my phone’s unboxing but without having a solid camera, I knew that there was no chance in hell that I could do that. Unless, ofcourse, if I borrowed someone’s camera just to record an unboxing. Ok but since I can’t do it with a camera, here’s a video of an unboxing of the Silver BlackBerry Curve 8300.

Ok so it’s not the 8320 which I have but – it’s the same colour and packaging. The only diferences are the Wifi connectivity and oh, if I did this video, there would be no American accent!

Wraith Or Black Metal Rocker?

I really like the Wraith as villains in the Stargate : Atlantis series. Scary, intimidating, life-force sucking ‘monsters’ to us, the wraith are however doing what they need to do to survive. Which is to feed – and humans just so happen to be the one and only thing that sustains them. They can eat solid foods, which some of them do for the sake of doing it, however they need humans to survive. Basically a living being trying to survive on what is natural food to them – you and me. Is that such a big crime when we look at the angle of eating to surviving?

But what I don’t understand is why the creators of the series made the Wraith look like Black Metal band musicians from Norway? If you check photos of bands like Dimmu Borgir, Gorgoroth & Satyricon – they would probably fit right in a Wraith hive ship.

If you want to see what the process is to make an actor into a wraith, click here to read a blog entry with photos by Andee Frizzell, the actress who portrayed most of the Wraith Queens on the show.

How To Spot An Indian

* Everything you eat is savored with garlic, onions and chilies.

* You try and re-use gift wrappers, gift boxes, and of course aluminum foil.

* You are standing next to the two largest size suitcases at the airport.

* You arrive one or two hours late to a party, and think it’s normal.

* You peel the stamps off letters that the postal service missed to stamp.

* Your toilet has a plastic bowl next to the commode.

* All your children have pet names, which sound nowhere close to their real names.

* You talk for an hour at the front door when leaving someone’s house.

* You load up the family car with as many people as possible.

* You use plastic to cover anything new in your house whether it’s the remote control, VCR, carpet or new couch .

* You live with your parents even if you are 40 years old. (And they like it that way).

* If she is NOT your daughter, you always take interest in knowing whose daughter has run with whose son and feel it’s your duty to spread the word.

* You only make long distance call after 11pm

* If you don’t live at home, when your parents call, they ask if you’ve eaten, even if it’s midnight.

* When your parents meet Indian for the first time and talk for a few minutes, you soon realize that they are your relatives.

* Your parents don’t realize phone connections to foreign countries have improved in the last two decades, and still scream at the top of their lungs while talking.

* You have bed sheets on your sofas so as to keep them from getting dirty.

* It’s embarrassing if your wedding has less than 600 people.

* You List your daughter as “fair and slim” in the matrimonial no matter what she looks like.

* You’re always interested to know/interfere in others’ personal matters, what they are doing, where they are going, etc.

* You have really enjoyed reading this mail because you know some, or most of them, applies to you!

3rd Blogaversary

With all the excitement surrounding fixing a New Year’s eve outing with my buddies and buying the BlackBerry today – I’d all but forgotten about today! Other than being the first day of the new year & new decade, today is also this blog’s 3rd blogaversary!

3 years ago, after buying the webspace & installing WordPress in here (I had reserved the domain name a few weeks before that) with the help of my cousin over the phone, Awake & Dreaming was born. Since then she has been my constant companion everyday and I always look forward to entering a few things on a daily basis. She is my outlet, the window to my world and the place where my creativity comes to life.

For those of you who keep coming back to read, thank you. I wish I could offer you some cake ;)

I’ve Got A BlackBerry Curve 8320

I finally got one – I bought a Blackberry Curve 8320 smartphone today. What a great way to start the new year!

I went out to Penta Menaka today with the sole intention of finally buying the Curve. I had saved money for the past two months to ensure that I wouldn’t be a pauper once I paid the cost of the BB. I finally checked and rechecked to see if they had lowered the price, was there any stock etc. Vodafone didn’t have any at the moment so I went for an unlocked model, which any sim can be used. So off I went to Penta Menaka, after stopping at ICICI’s atm to get the cash. I went to the store that had confirmed via phone that they had the model I wanted – but when I got there, they were all out. It seems that they had got confused with the 8520 model.

I checked in a couple of more places until one guy finally told me that yes he had 3 8320 models remaining and I took out my wallet and paid the dude. I inserted my sim, did the setup and made my way to Coffee Beanz, so I could admire my phone and complete the installation while I sipped on a cold one. I got everything up and ready, took a couple of photos (like the one you see here in the blog post) and downloaded a few wallpapers and installed one.

Glad to be part of the Blackberry family. Too bad I don’t have a camera to take a pic of the actual phone. I will try that with someone else’s phone

Happy New Year – Welcome 2010

I did not know what I was going to do for New Year’s eve until almost 4 pm. Plans kept getting canceled and remade and stuff, so much that I thought that I was going to spend it alone at home, probably with a pizza rather than spending the evening drinking with my best buds Anil & Madhu. But finally it was on.

I was at work and planning to leave the office by 6pm. Traffic dragged on by and in an hour I reached Barista cafe, starving and thirsty as hell. I entered the loud and noisy cafe and ordered a tiny sandwich and a coffee, as both Madhu & Anil were being delayed due to traffic. Madhu had to come from Paroor and Anil was on his way from Thrissur. I sat at a corner table and browsed through a magazine while hot chicks kept floating on by. Then there was a guy & a girl arguing loudly at the table right in front of me. It was a case of “you said, they said, I said” and a lot of swear words. The guy was also showing off.

Just before 8 pm Anil walks in and we decide to go to Velocity bar and wait for Madhu to come. We found a seat, ordered a beer for him and Romanov vodka for me (with Sprite ofcourse). Madhu came in soon and ordered whiskey. We ate lots of kozhuva fry (small but tasty fish), chilly pork, egg burgi, salad, chilly chicken & chilly prawns. It was quite filling. We talked and joked and laughed and made fun of each other as usual.

Anil filled me in on a funny but potentially dangerous incident – Madhu had an accident while riding his bike intoxicated. He crashed his bike on MG Road after the two of them had attended an afternoon party of a former colleague. He had some stiches and bruises to show me for it. Asshole! Then there was the usual ribbing for Anil & me and our former flames and the fact that neither of us are not married as of yet.

We also made plans to get together soon for a weekend or so away from work, family, pressure and stuff. Maybe a cottage or something away from the city so we can chat and drink and eat good food without worring about transportation and getting caught by the cops. I hope something gets worked out by next month. Anyways, it was a nice way to end the year. We left the bar by 11:30 pm as they had to close and we went back to our homes.

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : First 11 Songs Listened To In 2010

  • Corb Lund – Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier
  • AC/DC – Rock n’Roll Train
  • Barenaked Ladies – Sound Of Your Voice
  • Bon Jovi – Whole Lot Of Leaving
  • Jann Arden – Sleepless
  • Joe Satriani – Belly Dancer
  • Sarah McLachlan – I Will Remember You
  • Regina Spektor – On The Radio
  • Terri Clark – I Think The World Needs A Drink
  • The Tea Party – Angels
  • Anthony Gomes – What Would You Do