RIP Chris Kanyon

Christopher KlucsaritisĀ  was an American professional wrestler, best known for his work in World Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation, under the ring names Chris Kanyon (or simply Kanyon) and Mortis. On April 2 Kanyon was found dead in his Sunnyside, Queens, New York apartment, due to an apparent overdose of some form of medication. Initial reports indicated a possible suicide.

Chris Kanyon (January 4, 1970 ā€“ April 2, 2010)

This Guy Needs More Sleep

Sleep, that oh so wonderful yet fickle-minded tease. I wonder how many hours of sleep is needed for the average guy my age? 6 hours? 7 or 8? No sure but I don’t get that much in a normal work day. I usually get a little less than 6 hours, 5.5 or so on average. That is because I usually start watching episodes of tv series or movies that I downloaded off the net at around 11 pm and usually fall asleep a little after 1:15-1:30 am. I keep my alarm for 7 am.

Most Saturdays are different – I get in atleast 8 hours sleep before I wake up on Sunday and on two Fridays of the month as well (cause I get two Saturdays off in a month). Sometimes I even get 10 hours, which is a luxury! Yesterday being Good Friday (or the day before the day before Jesus became a zombie), I was off from work and didn’t go out. However, a bad sleep the previous night with all the lights on in my room made me wake up at 6 am and 4.5 hours of sleep is not enough for me.

So throughout the morning I was feeling very tired and sleepy and even two cup of strong black coffee did nothing to keep me alert. By 1:15 pm I had lunch and then curled up in bed to watch a movie. By 2 pm my eyes gave up and my brain shut down and I had just enough time to remove my glasses before I slept. 4 hours! 4 awesome hours on a Friday afternoon. Nice big nap refreshed me quite a bit. I woke up feeling like a million dollars!