My New Big Coffee Cup

This my new coffee cup. It’s a big one that I bought from Cafe Coffee Day on Shenoy’s Junction. It’s like the big cups that the characters in Friends drink their latte’s in (‘which might have giant nipples on them’ like Fisher Stevenson exclaimed in one guest appearance).

Last week on Thursday evening, I went to CCD to relax after work, as the next day was Good Friday, and I could afford to be late reaching home. So I ordered a chicken burger (as I’ve been craving a burger for over a week now) and a cold frappe. The burger was a miserable bun with a miserly meat patty and the coffee lacked a crucial element called ‘taste’! I was actually upset while munching on a burger and sipping a cold frappe! Who would have guessed.

Anyways, as I left I looked at their little shelf where they display the wares they have to sell. Some coffee mugs, some cookies, some coffee beans and other stuff. I needed a new coffee mug and so I thought why not the big one? They had them in either white or black and I chose black. I really like the cup and luckily for me, their cups are better than the food & coffee that CCD serve.