The Case Of The Incredible Shrinking Shawarma

This evening, I went to Royal Food Court, opposite the Ernakulam North Raiway Station, as my mom wanted me to buy shawarma sandwiches for dinner. I remember that the last time I bought some from there, they were really delicious and yummy. So I said that I would get one each for her, my dad and myself.

Imagine my chagrin – these sandwiches keep getting smaller day by day and the fucking prizes go through the roof. Rs.40 for a tiny little shawarma sandwich that an ant would find as too small! Rs.40! It cost me Rs.120 for three miserable size bites. And the fuckers serving it are very miserly with the dill pickles and carrot side servings too!

I remember when the shawarma craze first came to Cochin & Kerala. This was way back in the early 1990s and there was just that one place that served them – Kentucky Inn on the second floor of GCDA shopping complex on Marine Drive. They cost just Rs.10 and the portions were bigger. Pretty soon they were Rs.12 but the portions stayed the same. Then it was Rs.15, then Rs.20 and 3 or 4 years ago, when I started having them again, they were Rs.25. Smaller portions

6 months later, they were Rs.30 and even smaller. Two months ago the same place @ North they were Rs.35 and smaller. Now this evening, Rs.40 and even smaller. Like the skirts that get shorter & shorter each summer (but that is a good thing) the sandwiches keep getting smaller! What the fuck!!

Love In An Elevator

For the last 12 days we, the residents of Jewel Spark apartments of Jewel Homes, have been suffering as the old as the pyramids elevator finally died and the motor needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, the elevator manufactures have a spare motor only in Gujarat and it would take them all these days to bring it via a truck or some big vehicle to Cochin.

Hence we didn’t have the services of the elevator for all these days. I live on the 7th and top most floor. There’s two sets of stairs for each floor. My thighs hurt, my lungs cry out and I sweat a bucket load as I make my way up in this sweltering heat and that too after a long day at the office. It was making things very difficult. My 71 year old dad couldn’t manage and hence went to stay at my sister’s apartment until it was fixed.

I’m not surprised that the motor conked out. Some of the kids in this building use the elevator as their personal toy. There’s a small kid who won’t eat food unless he is fed while going up and down in the elevator! When some of the neighbours had guests over in the vacant apartment (owned by one of the other tenants) next to mine, they kept going up and down, up and down (as 3 brothers have apartments in this building, in different floor) and the elevator would be crying by the end of a day.

Well now it’s fixed! The new motor came in last evening and technicians spent most of the night fixing it. There was fuse that also needed replacement and that was done this morning just as I left the building to go to work. So this evening as I came back, I took the ride up from the ground level. Smooth as babies bottoms! Not a sound from the slick, new motor. It was like riding towards the clouds.