Stargate Universe : Episode 10 “Justice”

Justice is the 10th and mid-season finale of the first season of Stargate Universe. Spencer is found dead in his quarters, seemingly like a suicide with however one issue: there’s no gun. Greer, who found the body, reports back to his superiors and an investigation is on. Colonel Young has everybody meet in the Gate room, and announces their findings to the crew. Eli, Brody, Matthew Scott, Lisa Park and Vanessa James were playing poker in the Mess hall at the time of the murder, meaning they have an alibi, so they are put in charge of the investigation.

Eli & Scott find the gun in Col. Young’s room! Despite it being obviously a plot to undermine his authority, Young steps down as commander of the crew and puts Camile in charge. A hearing is called for with Camile prosecuting and Chloe defending. While the investigation is going on, Rush comes to Camile and asks that he will report to her but wants complete control of his science team. She agrees. Later Franklin sits in the chair and he is found convulsing and two electrodes stuck on the sides of his head.

Rush is berated by Young as being too scared to sit in the chair and hence encouraging Franklin to test it out. Destiny meanwhile comes out of FTL and the crew plan to visit a planet for supplies and anything useful. By then the Kino’s files, which have been tampered with, is recovered via backup by Eli and Young watches the screen as Dr. Rush is clearly shown removing the gun from Spencer’s room and placing it in Young’s quarters to frame him. The rest of crew is shown only Spencer committing suicide – not the part in which Rush enters the scene.

Camile relinquishes command to Young who decides to join the team that has gone down to the planet and confront Rush. The away team has found an alien vessel lying on top of a small hill. Their attempts to enter it is in vain but Rush wants to keep trying. Young sends everyone back to the Stargate and stays back with Rush in order to confront him. A scuffle occurs and when Rush refuses to agree to stop, Young head-butts him unconscious….and leaves Rush on the planet. As he steps through the gate into Destiny, he tells the others that a landslide caught Rush and that he was unable to save him.

The others do not believe Young, especially Eli, Camile and the scientists. However the crew settles back as the go to FTL. Later Rush is shown regaining consciousness and realizing in horror that he has been left behind on the barren planet.


Here’s the first round pairings with my prediction of winners given in brackets


Washington Capitals vs Montreal Canadiens (Capitals in 7)

New Jersey Devils vs Philadelphia Flyers (Flyers in 6)

Buffalo Sabres vs Boston Bruins (Bruins in 4)

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Ottawa Senators (Senators in 7)


San Jose Sharks vs Colorado Avalanche (Sharks in 5)

Chicago Blackhawks vs Nashville Predators (Blackhawks in 5)

Vancouver Canucks vs Los Angeles Kings (Canucks in 6)

Phoenix Coyotes vs Detroit Red Wings (Red Wings in 7)