Power Interruptions On Sunday

This weekend has not been the best! Last night after spending some time with my cousin Sujith at Barista Cafe, I took an auto back home and came in to watch some tv. There was football on the telly and I was also watching the movie Role Models on HBO. While the movie was reaching the end, I heard a big ‘boom’, saw some white explosion kinda thing from the corner of my eye as the transformer opposite our building blew a fuse or something.

The stupid idiots of KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board) are so incompetent that this transformer keeps blowing up. This happened a couple of weeks ago when it rained a bit – a small gust of wind and a little rain and the son of a bitch starts acting up. We keep getting power losses in this building & the opposite every time. The only good thing I can say is that, perhaps we are in the city area, the electricians from KSEB do come and fix it quicker than it would have been if this were in the suburban areas.

But this is ridiculous. Each year it blows up a few times. Each fucking year. Last night it blew up at around 10:45 pm and it took up until almost midnite for the power to come back on. Then this morning at 7 am sharp, just as I woke up the power went off again for another 90 minutes. Then at 10 am it went off again, only to come back again – but this time there was hardly any voltage so only the fans work, very slowly at that and hardly giving you any breeze, and you can’t watch tv or switch on the pc. So boring Sunday morning with nothing to do went on by.

I took a nap and tried to read a book but it was getting quite a bit hot. I had lunch and then came back to my room and laid down. A little after 2 pm the power comes back on and this time it’s ok. What a waste of a day.

Update: The power went again at 4:45 pm and came after 7pm. Hot & sweaty I went in for a long shower immediately. But I wasn’t alone! I had a bunch of mosquitoes for company. My time in the shower was also spent swatting them vampires with my hands and spraying water on them when they sat on the walls. Bastards!

Cold, Refreshing & Yummy

Last evening I was feeling quite hungry, and as my cousin Sujith has asked to meet up at Barista Cafe in Bay Pride Mall on Marine Drive, I though “why not have an early dinner there.

So here’s a pic of it, my very own contribution to my ongoing ‘Sunday Morning Coffee’ photo series. This is a mocha frappe and Chicken Tikka sandwich.