Misbehaving With Passengers

I don’t know what is happening with the bus conductors and bus door checkers (known in the state as kilis) in the recent weeks. There has been three reported cases of violence & abuse concerning the bus service employees against passengers and it seems to be getting out of control.

The first case was when a lady passenger, traveling with her two daughters,  was slapped by the bus conductor after she repeatedly asked him for the balance amount back from the money she handed over for her ticket. I don’t know what ticked him off but instead of giving her the change back, he slapped her. The other passengers confronted him but he escaped & ran and is presumed to be back in his hometown. The second incident was concerning a kili.

This bugger misbehaved with a lady passenger as she was getting down at her bus stop. I think he was only 21 years old or so but he needs a kick in the nuts. He was also punished. On Sunday it was reported that the city police have booked 22 men for behaving indecently with women & children. Cops have been traveling in the city buses undercover and nabbing anyone who misbehaves with innocent victims.

Something has to be done. Can the local government run a law that bus conductors & door checkers go for mandatory training & get certified on behaviour? This is after all a private industry and it’s customer service so why the hell not?