My Lunch With The Team

Things have been a little hectic the past couple of weeks. I was ready for a little fun and so were my team members. Unfortunately with very little time in between conducting so many batches, we are forced to get whatever we can and find some time for relaxation in between. We make best with what we can.

I thought a little lunch out of the office was in order. First I had to see if we had the budget for it. I quickly sent an email to the Senior manager for Training and to the center head asking for an approval for the cost of a nice lunch out. I also put in the words “I haven’t taken them out since end of January”. That’s not completely true; I took them out in March but it was my treat and so I paid for it. I got the approval quickly and I asked the Admin team to make the necessary arrangements at Hotel Sea Park. Unfortunately Rekha couldn’t join us as she had an engagement with her family.

So I told the gang that we would go out for lunch and to build hearty appetites. With a batch certification going on, it would be tough to spend much time out, so we worked out a plan. Roopa (who is the trainer whose batch is undergoing certification) would stay back in the office along with Wasim. The rest of us would go to the hotel and order the food and once it was served (since it does take them some time to prepare it and bring it to our table), I would give Wasim a call and he would bring along Roopa on his bike. Thereby we save time.

So by 1:30 pm Rajeesh, Anusha, Ajeeba & I took a cab from the office for the short ride to the hotel. Firdous had gone to the mosque nearby for prayers and joined us there. We ordered food – Hyderabadi biriyanis, mutton biriyani, chicken fried rice, beef masala, chicken 65, fish fry and chilly chicken.

We chatted loudly while we waited for the food to arrive and everyone was quite hungry. Just the waiters placed the plates in front of us, I called Wasim up and asked him to come to the hotel with Roopa. The food was served and in walked the two of them and we all dug in. The food was delicious as usual but I was disappointed that the fish fry was not what I had expected. I wanted the huge karimeen that they are known for but they didn’t have any that day.

Still the Hyderabadi biriyani was fabulous as was the chicken 65. The beef was a disaster as no one remembered as to who ordered it and it was the only dish that was wasted. Satisfied after a good meal, we all wanted ice cream and they served us that as well. By now, 90 minutes later, we were all filled up and content and we took the cab back to the office and completed our work for the day.