Back And Typing On A New Laptop

 alt=Well hello hello! I’m back and back in style. Finally after a long wait of 3 weeks, I am back online from home. My old computer had a bunch of problems with it, including it’s mother board which needed to be replaced & some issue with the hard disk. Since it was almost four years old, I thought that it was now time to get a new system and the thought & desire to get a laptop was too strong to resist. Plus as I was getting a salary correction this was the opportune moment to look out for a laptop.

I searched high and low. I asked friends, colleagues and the technical staff at the office. I googled at the office and called up a few computer showrooms. Finally the staff at Attributes Infosys gave me an offer because of a personal guarantee – I could choose any laptop from their stock and they would get me a small discount and then knock off a couple of thousand bucks more for the exchange of my old pc and they would also let me pay it off in two installments. How could say no for an answer? The deal was struck on the 29th of May, last Saturday afternoon, and I just needed to wait for a day or two for my May salary to kick in.

I paid Rs.15000 in cash and gave them a post-dated check for Rs.9000 which they could cash in on the 2nd of July. This was for a laptop that cost Rs27,800 originally. So here I am, typing away on my brand spanking new Lenovo G550. I love it and I am enjoying it a lot. Everyone… Samantha!