Lenovo G550

This is the Lenovo G550 – my new laptop and my pride and joy. The budget minded mainstream notebook packs a decent sized 15.6 inch display, Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor and 3 GB DDR3 RAM for a standard configuration. It comes with a 320 GB hard dive from Western Digital for you to store a lot of content and not run out of space for a while.

The laptop is built with total plastic materials which is acceptable for a budget notebook. This may give you th impression that it is not quite strong – but far from it. There have been no issues on the build quality or the design.

The standard system comes with a Intel Pentium Dual Core T4400 processor clocking at 2.20 GHz, 1M Cache, 800 Mhz FSB. The laptop comes loaded with DOS but the place I bought it from installed Windows 7 Premium for me.

The display has a good size of 15.6 inches showing 1366 X 768 pixels in standard 16 : 9 aspect ratio. The screen is a glossy one showing lots of bright colors and contrast but as with other glossy displays, the display glare on brightly lit environments like in the office makes it very annoying to see things on the screen. The horizontal viewing angle was very good to share the screen with a couple of your friends but the vertical viewing angle is not that much good. The laptop has an USB, Optical Drive and the AC Power jack on the right side and a Kensington lock slot, LAN, VGA and another two USB Port on the left. The wireless on/off switch and headphone and microphone jacks are on the front and there are no ports on the back.

The system comes with a 5 cell 48 W-Hr battery which is enough for running the system for more than four hours in low to moderate usage with screen brightness turned down. Expect the system to run at least 3 hours with heavy usage and bright screen. The touchpad is a bit annoying and takes a lot of getting used to. There is a slight lag that is noticeable when you browse a bit. Overall it is a very solid and dependable device that has got lots of good reviews. And I love it.

What I Did While I Was Computerless?

Alternatively titled as “the 3 week saga”. Well as you all know that for three weeks I couldn’t get online from home as I had had issues with first my hard drive and then the motherboard of my 3.7 year old pc. With all the hassle and repair and also the fact that here was an opportunity to give it off and get a new laptop, I chose to wait for the beginning of the month and the hike in salary that was to kick in and get a new computer. So that also meant that I had 3 weeks of boredom to face without being able to listen to my vast collection of songs (my old stereo died a couple of years ago and I survive on mp3s), my movies and series that I download and no internet.

No internet! That was a situation that faced me for the first time in 3.7 years and it wasn’t a pleasant one. I was so used to it. Anyway I was bored and i needed to fill my free time with something to do. I went out with friends a couple of weekends. I read a lot of books that were engrossing. I spent a lot of time flipping through channels and watching stuff that I wouldn’t watch usually. Cooking shows for example. Saw a few movies and some tv series. Slept a lot. And I spent a lot of evenings after work in coffeeshops. I played Brickbreaker on my Blackberry so much that I seriously considered turning pro……if they did indeed have a Brickbreaker tour, I would be the Tiger Woods of the game! Minus the bimbos! Ok, I lie :) I would be neck deep in bimbos!

I chatted a lot using the gtalk software on my BlackBerry. I tossed and turned on my bed a lot as I was bored and spent intervals of starring at the ceiling for a couple of hours at a time. But now i am back and I am eager to be entertained.