USB Wireless Mouse Blues

 alt=Now that I have the laptop, I thought great. I love the system but there’s a couple of minor pains – one of which I will address here. The second one is for another blog post, when I fix that particular issue. This one is about using the scrollpad or touch pad.

I just don’t like it that much. I haven’t used one till now and the late start could be the reason but I don’t see myself using it if I had a choice between that and a mouse. A mouse is so much better for my hand. So I went to buy a USB wireless mouse today. The prices surprised me a lot. I settled for the cheapest one that they had, a model made by iSmart which cost me Rs.900. It’s a cute enough model and although it’s not the picture here, it looks pretty much the same.

After spending the afternoon out, I came back home and opened the packet to try the mouse out. I inserted the usb stick and then tried the mouse. Oh you need to put batteries in. Ok, a little later, I went to the shop nearby and bought pen torch batteries, which would prove to be dumb! See, in my inebriated state, I hadn’t check the size; it was of a smaller size than the usual pen torch batteries. So I bought 4 batteries for nothing! Shit, I didn’t feel like going out again. So I’m gonna wait for tomorrow and see if I can buy the right ones.