Videos, Unboxing & Review Of The G550

Ok just a couple of videos of the Lenovo G550 and then I promise to shut up about my laptop (I lie). I just love using a laptop (finally) after 3.7 years of using my desktop that I’m just so in love with it. I know it’s  not a high end model or design and it’s more of an entry level notebook for the 15.6 inch  display, but it’s a big deal to me. So here is a professionally done overview of the laptop by a technical magazine.

Then there’s an unboxing of the lappy by a tech guy who bought it for his personal use

and a review by the same user! Enjoy.

The Keralite’s Weather Obsession

The people of Kerala are very predictable. If you want someone to start talking and keep ranting on & on, just make a casual remark about the weather. I do from time to time – to the random auto driver, bus conductor or passenger, shop owner etc etc. Then I stand back and listen to a barrage of ranting about the way the current weather. And the complaints!

If it’s hot then there’s complaints. If it rains, then there’s the complaint that it’s too cold. There’s mostly only only two kinds of weather in Kerala. Monsoon or Summer heat. There’s no other weather. That’s the way it has been for as long as it has been. I dunno for how long it will continue (cause we are fucking up the earth, you know). So I dunno what the big complaint is. We do live in the hottest place on the planet (I guess so).

And after a few complaints & rants, I’m also treated to a history lesson in weather in Kerala. How last year it was so & so. And the few years before that. And two decades ago. And the years just before my birth. And the ones before my parents were born. And my grandparents. And before the British were here. But it has always been hot when it doesn’t rain. That’s why our forefathers created the dhoti and the mundus. So air can find it’s way to our thighs and keep it from sweating so much. Predictable yes, original yes.

Now, it’s not like I’m saying that it’s you Keralites and you Malayalees are like this and I’m not. Cause, this particular post is a rant. And what have I been ranting about? The fucking weather!! I’m just as predictable as you guys.