A Stitch In Time Saves Mine

I’ve been lucky that I’ve never had to be hospitalized for days on end. Infact the most time I’ve spent is 2 days in a row when I was 21 years ago, back in 1997. That’s it! I’ve not had much to be taken to the hospital in my life.

When I was about 4 years old, I fell down the stairs of building and hit my head. There was some bleeding and I needed to have stitches done. I vaguely remember the incident (it was a head injury after all, lol) but I do remember my dad consoling me while I cried due to the pain. That is one of my earliest memories as well.

Well funny thing is when I was about 12 or 13, in school I needed to get stitches done on the exact same spot! We had a free period and the guys & I were out on the playground trying to setup a football match on the ground. Since we didn’t have proper goal posts we would get sticks of bamboo and wedge them between bricks and place them on the ground. There were plenty of bricks lying around as there was construction going on in sections of the school property. So some of my buddies went to get the bricks. Unfortunately one fella tossed a couple of bricks without thinking and then yelled for us to watch out. I wasn’t paying attention and by the time I became aware of what was happening, the brick was almost on top of me!

I tried to duck but the broken end of the brick hit me on the exact same spot where I had my stitches done at the age of 4 and it opened up a wound. Bleeding I was taken to the hospital and my older cousin met me there while I had stitches done….once again! What are the chances?

Since then, I’ve had to stay for a couple of days in the hospital  when I was 21 years old……for a circumcision! Yeah, go ahead and do the LOL! It was bloody painful and I had lots o stitches. Not to mention being out of commission and resting up at home for 30 days. That’s a whole blog post on it’s on. And oh yes, a few years after that I stepped on a splinter and a thin piece pierced my right foot and got lodged into the flesh. I went to the hospital and they cut out a little of the flesh and stitched it up. Nothing to it – I was outta there in an hour.

The Case Of The Missing Chicken

A big part of almost every kid’s life are the cartoons that he/she watches. I was no exception and was glued to the tv when they showed cartoons (Muthaharika in Arabic if I remember) every morning and evening on Kuwaiti television. This was ofcourse before the cable tv channels showed up but they had a good selection of cartoons to show us kids.

One of the most memorable ones was the Muppet Babies cartoons. And this is my favourite episode which I can’t seem to forget. I loved this episode. Gonzo’s stuffed baby chicken Camilla goes missing.

The best part is when Fozzie bear does a “confession” to taking the bear and running way – he only imagines it. Then Gonzo shares with the others as to how he feels – he sings the song ‘Camilla’ dressed like Elvis. Truly magical!!

Finally it seems that he just misplaced the baby chicken. Things are back to normal.